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Holy Spirit - Book Report/Review Example

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This is an extraordinary spiritual book written by Dr. Charles Stanley. The book is basically about the relationship between us and the Holy Spirit. It discusses in an eloquent way how one can get closer to the Holy Spirit in our life. The author touches on every aspect making the book interesting to read as well as making the readers to connect themselves with his world.
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Holy Spirit
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Download file to see previous pages For such people, who have lost their way, this book is an inspiring source. The book is written in a simple style, with a practical touch advising us on how to lead our life in search of truth and how to understand and experience the Holy Spirit in our life. The book is a great guide from the start to the end explaining and making things clear.
People just while away their time uselessly on all stupid things and finally whenever things go wrong they finally blame God. Such people have no time to think of God and in such a way they ignore and disrespect him. They are less bothered about spiritual things. We come to an understanding through the book that this is the human flaw. To be clear, we are not ready to listen and accept God's voice. The author makes a beautiful statement that we need to let Him lead us. This could be done by surrendering ourselves to the Holy Spirit, only then our life shall be a meaningful one.
The mind to surrender to God is the most important one. Only when we are prepared to let Him take our hands, our life becomes rich with His blessings. In this way, this book is a wealth of sensible informations that would be of great significance to our life in the understanding of the almighty.
The eighteen chapters in the book, presents us with ennobling thoughts through three stages. In the first stage, we are explained about our personal journey into the Spirit-filled life. We can call it the 'Looking up' stage. In the second stage, we come across how to surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit and feel His presence in us. We could call it the 'Looking Within' stage. In this stage, we become one with God. The final stage of the book, which we can call it as the 'Looking Ahead' stage is the point where the Holy Spirit in us begins to lead us. In this stage, our life is totally surrendered to God and under the leadership and authority of the Holy Spirit we begin to live again, but this time truly blessed. With his extensive research, the author has brought in everything that a Christian ought to know in his walk towards God.
The book is a beautiful piece of work that shows us how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. And the thing I really appreciate in this book is the use of plenty practical advice about seeking the Holy Spirit. The way he has used the scriptures to explain certain things is very appealing. All these have really broadened my knowledge about the Holy Spirit and have brought a noticeable change in me. At the end of every chapter, the author has provided with the reference and this is really useful for further study. The style of questioning and answering is another beautiful technique used throughout the book which really makes our mind to be clear of the things that are explained.
This book is suitable for most people as it not only talks about spiritual things but includes life as a whole. Written in a simple manner, the book is really worth to read and I recommend it for those who are serious about getting a spiritual change in your life. Let us all forget our misery and become one with the Holy Spirit. May the voice of the Holy Spirit bless us all and fill our life with bliss.

Source Book: Charles Stanley, The Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Holy Spirit Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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