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This paper researches the appropriate questions for an agency to answer in order to recruit correctly. The process of recruitment includes the personnel management team, oversight of that team, the goal of the team with measurements of that goal and the importance to the overall operations…
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Recruitment Plan - Police Department Service
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Download file to see previous pages Once an applicant is selected, they undergo training and further evaluation to assure the capacity to perform up to rigorous standards of duty. Important to the process is a retention element. Keeping good employees saves the effort to find new ones. In conclusion, the recruitment process must be vigorous and detailed in order to attract, train and keep the best candidates for these vital and potentially dangerous positions of public trust.
The police service is looked upon as the source of a highly important helpful activity- the protection of life and liberty. Thus, a successful recruitment plan must overcome any recruit’s perceived career limitations with the following incentives: a purposeful job, a stimulating set of responsibilities, a collegial working environment, reasonable pay and benefits, opportunities for career advancement, and job security. The key to a successful recruitment plan is to attract the most qualified candidates. Of course, there will always be political concerns within police agencies that are executing the recruitment plan; but their focus should be the quality of the applicants rather than, for example, the legal residence of police personnel. The fundamental goal is to attract qualified people to serve as sworn to duty, civilian police employees. The agency must answer the following questions in order to implement an appropriate recruitment plan:
The recruitment and selection of police personnel is the responsibility of the management team, specifically human resources or personnel. They execute the plan by organizing, planning, and budgeting for appropriate recruitment activities. These personnel managers must develop the vision for meeting future staffing requirements. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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