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A Look into the Future of Los Angeles - Research Paper Example

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The paper “A Look into the Future of Los Angeles” looks at one of the big city in the Californian state of United States of America. The town was settled on 4th September 1781 and was built-in in 4th April 1850. The city is having an area of around 1290.6 sq. km…
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A Look into the Future of Los Angeles
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Download file to see previous pages Los Angeles, one of the coastal areas of the United States was established for the first time by Tongva and Chumash American tribes near about thousands of years in the past. In the year 1771, Franciscan and Junipero Serra constructed the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel beside Whittier Narrows, which is now known as San Gabriel Valley. Historically it is known that the town was founded by forty-four settlers who were known as “Los Pobladores”. These particular settlers had come from the Hispanic culture that developed in northern Mexico between the fundamentally mixed societies.
The city has been alienated into many parts. A few of them are Downtown Los Angeles, The Eastside, the North East Los Angeles and South Los Angeles. The eminent communities within the city are; West Adams, Baldwin Hills, Lei mart Park, Hollywood, the Downtown Financial District, Venice beach, Silver Lake, Westwood, Los Feliz, Korea Town, Bel Air, Hollywood Hills, Benedict Canyon, Hancock Park, Pacific Palisades, Century City and also Brentwood (LA Avenue, 2002).
The city is marked by sub-tropical Mediterranean climate. Throughout the year the city enjoys bounty sunshine. The annual average temperature of the city is 19 °C to 24 °C during the daytime and 14 °C at night. During the coldest month of January the temperature here is likely to be found at 15 °C to 23 °C during the daytime and 7 °C to 13 °C at night time. In the month of August the temperature is found to be quiet high as it ranges from 26 °C to 32 °C during the daytime and at night the same is 18 °C. The hours of sunshine exceeds above 3000 per year. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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