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The Relationship between Plastic Surgery and Our Contemporary Notions of What Makes Women Beautiful - Term Paper Example

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"The Relationship between Plastic Surgery and Our Contemporary Notions of What Makes Women Beautiful" paper states that the social construction of beauty has been changing in society. The evolution of medical technology has helped to give a new dimension in the construction of beauty…
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The Relationship between Plastic Surgery and Our Contemporary Notions of What Makes Women Beautiful
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Extract of sample "The Relationship between Plastic Surgery and Our Contemporary Notions of What Makes Women Beautiful"

Download file to see previous pages The fact that it is meant to enhance the beauty of a person has made it more appealing in the modern world when beauty has become a concern for many people and especially women. The technique mold, reshape and reconstruct body tissues in order to bring the desired shape. (Ham, 2003)

Although it has gained recognized use in recent times, plastic surgery dates back to many years ago. As early as 1st BC the Romans are recorded to have been performing simple body procedures that were aimed at enhancing the beauty. They were mostly done on women. However, with the coming modernization, plastic surgery has gained an increased use especially for aesthetic purposes.

In the process, there is the use of skin tissue which is also known as skin grafting as one of the common procedures. In this case, it has been used for medial reconstruction purposes for patients who have experienced burns or other traumas. However, grafting of skin has also been used for aesthetic purposes. This reconstructive surgery plays a central role in the medical procedures for burns and traumatic injuries, or in the removal of cancer or tumors. It also usually performed in order to improve the function and also to approximate the normal appearance of the organs.

Reconstructive surgery has been successfully used by women in breast reconstruction in case they have a mastectomy, in children or adults with cleft lip or palate lip, and in other contracture functions. (Adams, 1999)

Unlike plastic surgery that is used for medical purposes, cosmetic surgery is used purpose for the enhancement of appearance. It also uses medical procedures and medical techniques. Cosmetic surgery deals with normal appearance and is usually carried out after plastic surgery in order to restore or to enhance the normal appearance of the person. It has gained worldwide use in the recent past as the world has been moving towards the enhancement of beauty. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Relationship between Plastic Surgery and Our Contemporary Notions Term Paper.
(The Relationship Between Plastic Surgery and Our Contemporary Notions Term Paper)
The Relationship Between Plastic Surgery and Our Contemporary Notions Term Paper.
“The Relationship Between Plastic Surgery and Our Contemporary Notions Term Paper”.
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