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Social Change in the Contemporary Society - Essay Example

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The purpose of this essay "Social Change in the Contemporary Society" is to compare and contrast the ideals of social change set forth by Stuart Hall and Raymond Williams.  …
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Social Change in the Contemporary Society
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Extract of sample "Social Change in the Contemporary Society"

Download file to see previous pages initially encompasses the beliefs that capitalism is a negative force that exploits workers to yield a profit for employers and individuals in positions of economic and political power. Marxism also views class systems as a set of systems that defines individuals based on their different relations of production. An example of this would be individuals that work in factories would be classed separately from individuals who work on television or radio. Marxism also deals with the history of social classes as well as social class systems of present times. It can be said that ultimately, Marxism frowns upon capitalism and class systems as they negatively categorize a majority of a population and add to social segregation and oppression. From this can come biases within the press from people in power as well as a social exclusion to less powerful or wealthy individuals.
Raymond Williams was an academic writer as well as a novelist. He wrote many non-fiction books dealing with social and cultural issues from a Marxist perspective. The non-fiction pieces were written by Williams detailed fundamental ideas for social and political change as well as social communications. These works included Culture and Society, Politics and Letters, and The Long Revolution. Some of his novels included Border Country and People of the Black Mountains.
Williams maintained an overall anti-capitalist outlook and redefined the idea of “left-wing” in the UK, along with others such as Stuart Hall. Williams also felt that culture was an extremely important concept which “tended natural growth” and maintained a necessary diversity within a society. Williams was what is known as a democratic socialist and was also considered “left-wing”. Individuals who are considered to be Marxists can also be called autonomists. The idea of “left-wing” as applied to British society by Hall and Williams, was a form of American “left-wing” politics. American “left-wing” politics simply served as a template for left wing ideology in other countries.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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