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Empowering and Supporting Carers: How Far Is This Your Role as a Care Manager - Term Paper Example

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The researcher of the "Empowering and Supporting Carers: How Far Is This Your Role as a Care Manager" paper discusses the different concepts behind empowerment and supporting carers in order to provide us a better understanding of the subject matter. …
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Empowering and Supporting Carers: How Far Is This Your Role as a Care Manager
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Extract of sample "Empowering and Supporting Carers: How Far Is This Your Role as a Care Manager"

Download file to see previous pages In Great Britain alone, roughly one out of six adults between the age brackets of 16 to 74 years old have been diagnosed with the neurotic disorder and four out of a thousand adults between the same age bracket have been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder.  Although statistics show some changes in the age bracket where mental disorders occur over time, the National Statistics (2001) report noted that the highest prevalence rate of 20% adults with neurotic disorders is found between the age bracket of 40 to 54 years old. 

Clinical studies show that individuals who are diagnosed with mental illness usually reveals a pattern of psychological behavior which could result in either a short or long-term illness and personal distress.   Neurotic disorders such as depression or anxiety disorders are often characterized by symptoms related to forgetfulness and difficulty to concentrate, hopelessness, fatigue due to sleeping disorder, irritability, obsessions, and compulsions that contribute to the declining ability of the adults to learn and perform their daily activities of living.3 On the other hand, individuals who have psychotic disorders often encounter mental disturbances that are highly associated with delusions and

Several studies show that adults with mental illness have a high tendency of committing suicide due to depression and social isolation.5 With regards to the decline in the mental and physical capabilities of these adults, strengthening the care services rendered by the residential care placements, daycare, and institutions that provides home care service arrangement to these adults is relatively important.

The implementation, monitoring, and review of a care plan is an essential way of effectively improving the adults with mental illnesses’ way of living aside from protecting them from environmental and self-inflicted harm. In line with this matter, the government has developed the National Service Framework for Mental Health in order to guide us with the important values and principles related to the services that carers should include when planning and delivering care for these patients. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Empowering and Supporting Carers: How Far Is This Your Role as a Care Term Paper.
(Empowering and Supporting Carers: How Far Is This Your Role As a Care Term Paper)
Empowering and Supporting Carers: How Far Is This Your Role As a Care Term Paper.
“Empowering and Supporting Carers: How Far Is This Your Role As a Care Term Paper”.
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