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Will Globalization Lead to a Global Culture - Term Paper Example

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The author of the paper titled "Will Globalization Lead to a Global Culture" identifies whether globalization leads to global culture, given the spread and the influence of worldwide communications and the worldwide availability of consumer products.  …
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Will Globalization Lead to a Global Culture
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Extract of sample "Will Globalization Lead to a Global Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Globalization is defined as the global spread of influence of culture, language, religion, communication, media, transportation, trade, technology, business concepts, environmental and health concerns. In terms of consumer products marketing globalization is defined as the process enabling financial and investment markets to operate globally, largely as a result of deregulation and improved communications.

Since communication is one of the most important aspects of globalization it uses highly effective communication tools such as electronic media, television, wireless connections, satellite, Internet, etc. As a result of this marketing, entertainment and business development, especially in the western pattern, are escalating rapidly throughout the world (Houston Institute for Culture, N.D.). For instance, it is estimated that US movies, music, TV programming, and home video now account for some US $8 billion trade surplus. Top sellers such as Mickey Mouse, Madonna, Michael Jackson, McDonalds Burgers, Levis jeans and Cola have become global symbols. In the past few years, the overseas returns of Hollywood studios have increased almost two times. Estimates say that the US $20 billion music industry does a collection of about 70% outside the USA. Hence without any doubt, it can be said that there is world-wide a clear trend towards increasing demand for brand entertainment especially the US-based (Hamelink, 1998).

Recent technological innovations, particularly in the field of informatics, telecommunications, and their various combinations have basically facilitated processes of globalization. In other words, one could argue that communication and information technologies together provide the basic infrastructure for global transactions and is in a way having an impact on the global culture.

Globalization is not a very old concept. It is just a few decades old. In the 1970s financial markets began to expand globally financial operations proliferated across the globe.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Will Globalization Lead to a Global Culture Term Paper.
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