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In the article, “The psychology of globalization,” Jeffrey Arnett (2002) focuses on the claim that globalization has a psychological consequence on the issues of identity especially in the transformations in identity. Arnett claims that the globalization has an enormous…
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Identities and globalization
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Reaction Paper on Identities and Globalization Identities and Globalization In the article, “The psychology of globalization,” Jeffrey Arnett (2002) focuses on the claim that globalization has a psychological consequence on the issues of identity especially in the transformations in identity. Arnett claims that the globalization has an enormous effect on developing a global identity besides a local identity among young people. The author believes that technologies and communication has a significant role in the process of developing a global identity. He mentioned that “in addition to their local identity, young people develop a global identity that gives them a sense of belonging to a worldwide culture and includes an awareness of the events, practices, styles, and information that are part of the global culture” (Arnett, 2002, p. 777). In this quote, the author states that most people in the world, especially young people are the ones who are facing the challenge where they have to adopt both the global and local identity. This challenge sometimes can lead to a “hybrid identity” which is described as a mixture of both the local and global culture (Arnett, 2002, p. 778).
However, the author does not provide an explanation and examples of the psychological impact of this bicultural identity in young peoples daily lives. Even though he covered this aspect, on the identity confusion section about how people can feel excluded from a society or alienated, he did not provide us with a strong example about the psychological impact of the bicultural identity. By mentioning the psychological impact of the bicultural identity in his essay, it will make readers engage and care more about this topic.
One of the prominent issues described by the author in the article is on bicultural identities. The form of identity is noted as affecting young people from different parts of the world especially those from non-western countries. The author notes that in this new form of identity, people have a part of their identity rooted in their local culture while the other part is influenced by global culture (Arnett, 2002). The argument on this identity is based on increased global consciousness that is taking place in many children and adolescents.
First, the author notes that children have started growing developing conscious based on the things that they observe in the world. As a result, the world things continue to influence children more in comparison to the things that take place in a local environment. As the author indicates, “Young people develop a global identity that gives them a sense of belonging to a world culture and includes an awareness of the events, practices, styles, and information that are part of the global culture” (Arnett, 2002, p.777). I believe this claim is real as children are growing being exposed to new things especially with an emerging technology. For example, currently, there has been the emergence of various social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Such social sites have dominated most of the young people lives. Most of the sites are dominated by western ideas and hence young people especially in developing countries are likely to be influenced by such ideas as they grow. However, I think these new culture and things should only be used to reinforce what already exist in our societies. This can be done by ensuring that emerging trends also have a space for past culture of different societies that exist in the world.
The other claim by the author is that young people exhibit collection of different cultures. The argument is that through globalisation it has been challenging young people to have one unique culture. The author argues, “Alongside their global status, people continue to develop a local identity as well” (Arnett, 2002, p.777). I believe this is the case especially as young people tend to copy cultures of the models and at the same time showing respect to the culture of their parents and grandparents. The issue is depicted as a challenge to the young generation. However, in my opinion i believe this should not be viewed as a problem as young people can be made to grasp positive things from both local and global cultures. As a result, the young generation will be at an advantage of having values that are more positive that shapes their lives.
Another argument is that local cultures are being changed by globalization (Arnett, 2002). The alteration occurs as most people especially the young incorporate new culture into the traditional cultures. The author notes that changes have occurred through introduction of global media, liberal economies, democracy, increased schooling, and delayed marriage (Arnett, 2002). The author notes that these changes “greatly later traditional practices and beliefs” (Arnett, 2002, p. 778). In my opinion, the changes should not be viewed as sometimes damaging. For example, I believe the change should be used in eliminating traditional practices that appear backward such as Female Genital Mutilation. As a result, the two cultures will act as a complement to each other.
Arnett, J.J. (2002). The Psychology of Globalization. American Psychologist, 57(10), 774-783. Read More
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