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Asian Americans in The United States' Economy - Term Paper Example

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The following paper "Asian Americans in The United States' Economy" will discuss the characteristics of the Chinese population within the US: where do they normally reside, their food habits, level of education, the male-female ratio, and their income level…
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Asian Americans in The United States Economy
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Extract of sample "Asian Americans in The United States' Economy"

Download file to see previous pages Between 1990 and 2000, the Asian alone population grew at a very fast pace and Chinese are included in this Asian alone group. The Chinese Americans numbered 2.7 million in 2000 (Wikipedia), and makeup 22.4% of Asian Americans. They are the largest Asian American sub-group. They constitute nearly 1% of the United States as a whole. Chinese immigration to the United States has come with hardships and success. Today there are families who have been living in America for generations. They engage in every facet of American life ranging from the military to academics to sports. Chinese Americans have adapted the American lifestyle.
As per the Census 2000, forty-nine percent of the Asians lived in the West while only 20 percent lived in the Northeast, 19 percent in the South, and a mere 12 percent in the Midwest. The Census 2000 further shows that about 51 percent of the total Asian population live in just three states – California, New York, and Hawaii. The Chinese were the largest detailed Asian group in the United States as per the Census 2000. Out of 10.2 million only Asians there were 2.3 million who reported only Chinese. Another 0.4 million reported Chinese with one another race or Asian group. The Chinese who are a sub-group of Asian Americans are also known as Chinese Americans. Cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Seattle, and Philadelphia have the largest Chinese American population. California, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Texas - together these five States constitute more than 80% of the Chinese American population with 40% being in CA alone (Ameredia, 2006). Hawaii's population includes nearly ten percent of Chinese Americans while California’s population includes three percent of Chinese Americans as of 2000. Due to a decline in the birth rate, the Chinese population has been aging. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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