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Cultural Exploration - Essay Example

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In this essay "Cultural Exploration" India and US' distinct cultures will be discussed in a light of terms of the gender expectations and task relationship in both countries. Moreover, the paper draws a comparison and contrast between them in order to represent an analysis.
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Cultural Exploration
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Cultural Exploration India and US has distinct cultures that also puts them a part in terms of the gender expectations and task relationship. From the time immemorial, India has been known for its discrimination against women. For instance, Indian culture gives more expectations to male than women. Women are subordinated in the society and at some point denied some privileges. At the same time, men are nurtured well to be important people in the society. The society and families expects more from men than women as per the Indian tradition. On the other side, US have equal gender expectations. Children are treated equally regardless of their gender and they grow and develop knowing they are equal. Hence, the US culture promotes equality among the gender and give them equal expectations.
Similarly, India and US are different in terms of task relationship. For instance, India has divided different task that women and men are expected to do. For instance, women are expected to rear children and pay dowry to the husband. This is so because men are considered important and superior to women. Similarly, men have the role of heading the house and ensuring that all is going well as expected. On the other hand, US is different in task relationship on the gender. Their culture promotes equality and what males can do women can also do. This means that the US society does not assign certain genders to perform certain roles such as heading the house, raising the children among others, the roles are shared in the family am long the individuals. Gender does not play a role in determining what one is expected to do. Read More
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