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Male Control the Social World - Essay Example

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This essay talks that in the samba world and Middle Eastern communities, male are regarded as having more control of the social world than females. In both the samba and Middle Eastern scenarios, the social control of men is such that they can only associate with pure females…
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Male Control the Social World
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Extract of sample "Male Control the Social World"

Male Control the Social World: A Case of Samba and the Middle East al Affiliation Due In the samba world and Middle Eastern communities, male are regarded as having more control of the social world than females. In both the samba and Middle Eastern scenarios, the social control of men is such that they can only associate with pure females, and that means that the female gender must always strive to maintain their purity or the males must get rid of the feminine dirt.
In the Middle Eastern communities, the male control of the society is such that they deserve clean females for a marital relationship. In the Middle East, there is a social obligation of women to desist from sexual relationship until they got married. Knowing that the society they control requires them to associate with pure women, males in the Middle East have a task of creating that very society with pure women. The males watch over the female gender to ensure that they are as disciplined as possible. As a protector of the female gender, men are supposed to see to it that their sisters and daughters do not have sexual relationships until they are married. They also watch over daughters, sisters and wives to ensure they do not engage in extramarital affairs. Basically, the females must have sexual purity if they are to deserve men, and those men have to make sure of the sexual purity by always watching over the females. In this case of the Middle Eastern communities, the male-controlled society only exercises supervision on females, while the females would never supervise men.
The Samba society also emphasizes one fact; that women always carry pollutants. Initiating males involves ritual activities which include removal of female (feminine) pollutants imbued into their bodies throughout the duration of mother’s care. This is a clear show of how impure females are perceived to be. Again during love-making, the Samba men are believed to have feminine pollutants imbued on their bodies by their sexual partners. Initiation involves training the Samba males on how to remove feminine pollutants imbued on their bodies during love-making. In this scenario, females are associated with perpetual dirt which men must always remove. Additionally, men are so much in control and are unsupervised by females.
A comparison of the Samba and Middle Eastern communities shows that males are generally of more social importance than females. The males control the society, while there is an element of ‘dirt’ that female are associated with in both scenarios. Additionally in both scenarios, sexual intimacy is associated with impurity, though not in a similar manner. In the Samba society, females imbue pollutants in males’ bodies during sexual intimacy, while in the Middle East, sex before or outside a marital relationship is considered an impurity.
There are contrasting elements in the two case scenarios. Whereas in the Samba society, even mother’s care is believed to imbue dirt on male’s bodies, the same is not said of the Middle Eastern communities. In the Middle East, the females are pure so long as they do not engage in sexual intimacy before or outside marriage. On the other hand in the Samba society, the female gender is naturally associated with pollutants. Read More
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Male Control the Social World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Male Control the Social World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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