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Peter Singers views in Comparison to Garrett Hardin - Assignment Example

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The author of the paper states that among other theorists, Singer asserts that it is an ethical obligation of all humans to mediate and bring an end to prevailing suffering and pain that poor people go through…
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Peter Singers views in Comparison to Garrett Hardin
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Extract of sample "Peter Singers views in Comparison to Garrett Hardin"

Among other theorists, Singer asserts that it is an ethical obligation of all humans to mediate and bring an end to prevailing suffering and pain that poor people go through. On the other hand, Garrett Hardin believes that world hunger lacks morals. According to Hardin, a person’s suffering and pain is an outcome of one’s qualities, and the, therefore, the government should take responsibility to accommodate the individual.
Singer attempts to challenge Hardin’s theory by contending that people should be impartial and not waste time on unimportant issues, which also contribute towards people’s suffering. One would say that the theory of rights and responsibility lacks morals, but it may prove realistic regarding sustaining the spaceship. The term spaceship is a metaphor to mean the earth has limited space and resources (Kadeem, 2015). Therefore, Hardin means that continued population increase will directly lead to human suffering through famine and drought.
In my opinion, I would prefer singer’s idea because Hardin is a biologist and his opinion is theoretical and don not apply in the real sense. There are communities or countries, which are known to having a high population, but those countries are doing well. For instance China and India, they are overpopulated but still economically stable. Even those communities are not starving as asserted by Hardin. It takes people to work together and achieve stability and avoid poverty. Hardin also talks about government as the solution to people’s problems, but the government is made up of people, which means it will still take people’s initiative to work together and save the poor from hunger and suffering (Kadeem, 2015). However, I agree that human rights and hunger management should be a priority in a fight against suffering.
Kadeem P., (2015) Peter Singer’s utilitarianism views in Comparison to Garrett Hardin Education Ambassador at Hill Family Center for College Access Read More
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