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The paper "Machiavellianism" discusses Machiavelli, his views and philosophy. He outlines that man is shortsighted, inflexible, imitative, self-preservative and with indefinite ambitions which make him vulnerable to manipulation by political leaders. …
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‘Machiavellianism Machiavelli overemphasized on the influence of Human Nature, Ideology, Realism and Power concepts in acquiring and maintaining power unlike Aristotle and Plato who utilized Moralistic Approaches. He illustrates that man’s nature is extensively changeless. He profoundly pointed out on how human actions could lead to political success or failure. He outlines that man is shortsighted, inflexible, imitative, self preservative and with indefinite ambitions which make him vulnerable to manipulation by political leaders. Unlike Plato’s and Aristotle’s concepts, Machiavelli also used Calculus to explain on how government policy if altered, could lead to political success or failure.
2.Machiavelli notes that huge-spending by political leaders has a significant influence, power and domination over the economical administrators. The application is still widely relevant in the contemporary setting especially during the general election campaigns. Retired leaders for example George Bush, Bill Clinton and the current leader, President Obama; rose to their presidential thrown due to their huge economic muscle they had during their presidential campaigns. Obama used multiple fundraisers and donations from well wishers which exceeded the then presidential hopeful, Mr. McCain’s financial power. Mr. Obama’s vast financial power enabled him to mobilize multiple people and initiatives, which propelled him to win the elections.
3.(a)Based on Machiavelli the Prince applies Morality to balance the sociopolitical interests where people are accustomed to. Morality is essential for the structuring of the political system. He further noted that moral corruption assists in the realization of social benefits like security and stability.
(b) Machiavelli asserted that Private Morality and Public Morality must be evaluated differently in order for the Prince to rule effectively. The Prince should not only care about his reputation but also act immorally when the need arises. As a result, Morality should constitute force in order to achieve political stability in legal and structural institutions.
4. Machiavelli displays an autocratic attitude towards the role of Religion and its importance to the government. He precisely denotes that Christianity makes people weak and inactive which necessitate [politics] power to be shifted to wicked and cruel individuals with ease. He implied that the Fear of God can be substituted with the ‘fear of the Prince.’ In other words, a successful prince should not be religious himself; but he ought to make his people religious. He confirms that religion is practically important for political endeavors. Furthermore, he routinely revealed that religion is man made and should only be employed if some situation demands it.
5. Machiavelli decisively points out that leaders should be flexible in exercising Public Morality and Private Morality in varied contexts. That is, leaders should be willing to act morally and immorally under different circumstances. The leaders should act immorally in order to eradicate resistance and political rivals. On the contrary, the leaders should also act morally to their electorates so as to uphold democracy and achieve political stability and security. Machiavelli further highlights that leaders should engage other authoritarian and aggressive regimes for specific political benefits than to exclude them entirely. Read More
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