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Gratitude Dinner - Assignment Example

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This is a report about a gratitude dinner for my new client’s 100 guests that he wishes to thank for their loyalty and business that has enabled him to register exemplary annual sales. The guests include 50 of his top clients and staff together with their spouses…
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Gratitude Dinner
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Extract of sample "Gratitude Dinner"

Gratitude Dinner Report This is a report about a gratitude dinner for my new client’s 100 guests that he wishes to thank for their loyalty and business that has enabled him to register exemplary annual sales. The guests include 50 of his top clients and staff together with their spouses. This colorful event is to be held in Oklahoma City. Since he is a new client, I intend to impress him by making the event so unique so that I can secure more opportunities such as Christmas parties, dinners and training among others. There will be eye-catching decoration for the dinner with cool and romantic lighting for the couples. In addition, the interior design of the selected venues are excellently polished and done. As regards entertainment, there will be plenty of jazz and blues music in the selected venues. According to Raj and Musgrave, any event must be sustainable, economical and reasonable (141).
The theme of the dinner is “wonderful menu with soothing music.” In light of this, there are three possible venues for this event in Oklahoma City and one of them is the Biltmore hotel. The reasons for this venue include guest rooms suited for persons with disability, ample and complimentary parking spaces and wireless internet with high speed. In addition, they have 367 beautiful and spacious rooms that can accommodate the entire family, including pets. However, there are some challenges with this venue, and that is, it’s relatively expensive compared to the rest. The other hotel is Sheraton downtown hotel that offers utmost privacy to the clients. It has excellent aura with blues and jazz music in its lounge. It also offers excellent foodstuff such as gourmet ice creams. The hotel is endowed with excellent valet and self-parking yard and swimming pool. The third option is the Skirvin Hilton hotel that has excellent Wi-Fi and TVs. They serve wonderful Southern and American dishes with cool live jazz music. The room service hostesses are amazing in their service delivery. Weekends or week nights in the three venues are best for the couples since they are affordable and offer a variety of accommodation services. In addition, the rooms are spacious enough to accommodate family members, including pets.
The Budget Sheet
The budget is $10,000 excluding my salary and time that amounts to 10% of this budget. The budget sheet contains all the possible the expenses ranging from entertainment to meals and accommodation. After the dinner, there will be a colorful session to cut the ceremony cake to crown the jubilation. Further, the couples will take both family and group photographs with my client. There will be plenty of entertainment ranging from cool jazz and blues music. The ceremony will culminate with gifts presentation to the individual customers and their spouses. The gift is a shopping voucher for Christmas for a couple together with assorted family products such as duvets, clothes and other outfits. Each couple will receive a unique and well-wrapped gift in a gift bag. There is also some money, $500 for any miscellaneous expenses.
Amount ($)
Meals and accommodation
Work Cited
Raj, Razaq, and James Musgrave. Event Management and Sustainability. Wallingford, UK: CABI, 2009. Print.
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Gratitude Dinner Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Gratitude Dinner Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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