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Peer Response - Book Report/Review Example

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In the paper “Peer Response” the author analyzes the research questions which aimed to determine responses from both, employees and employers, regarding possibilities for sustaining addiction or trauma is actually an interesting and relevant topic in contemporary times…
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Peer Response
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Extract of sample "Peer Response"

Peer Response al Affiliation Peer Response Response to Post mate The research question which aimed to determine responses from both, employees and employers, regarding possibilities for sustaining addiction or trauma is actually an interesting and relevant topic in contemporary times. It is true that despite a wealth of information available on the subject matter, there still remains vast challenges on preventing addiction or violence that leads to trauma. However, in reviewing the survey questions that were indicated, I observed that these questions focused more on alcoholism, rather than abusing drugs. Therefore, I suggest that since the topic on drugs, per se, is actually a widely encompassing topic, maybe you can still streamline the research on, say, the most common drugs that employees tend to abuse (prescription drugs? or illicit drugs?). Still, another comment is the fact that employees or employers could be very apprehensive to disclose drug use or abuse since this would affect their status in the work setting. As such, discreet questions that would encourage personnel to divulge confidential information on drug use or abuse should be developed to achieve the desired results.
Response to Post of Classmate #2
The research topic is very interesting and the manner by which the survey questions were designed is just commendable. One of the first comments I would like to note is that although you stipulated that the objective of the study is to “understand the lived experience of being a foster child in the foster care system”, I would like to add this question – for what purpose? Why would you like to understand the lived experience of being a foster child? What outcome or implications would the gathered information serve? In addition, the survey questions were really very good. The first question is in fact crucial to determine the kind of behavior or perception the foster child had developed through living in the foster care system. Subsequent questions to be designed should cater to responding to the purpose of the study. If you want to understand the experience of a foster child so that you would determine its effect on future employment? Or decision to pursue an academic career? – then, the next set of questions should be developed to link potential answers to the objective of the study. Otherwise, I strongly believe that it was a good start. Read More
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