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Unemployment in the United States - Essay Example

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Unemployment in the United States has been rising and this is mainly due economic stagnation and the rapid growth in population. Unemployment is a global issue that affects even the developed nations…
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Unemployment in the United States
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Extract of sample "Unemployment in the United States"

Unemployment in the United s Unemployment in the United s has been rising and this is mainly due economic stagnation and the rapid growth in population. Unemployment is a global issue that affects even the developed nations. The rapid rise in population that outstrips the available resources has been blamed for the unemployment issue in the United States. The government is trying to curb the unemployment through expansion of the economy and creation of more jobs. The problem of unemployment seems to intensify mainly due to the rise in population particularly in urban areas. The expansion of businesses and the direct investment by the government in the entrepreneurship programs tends to do little to eradicate the issue of unemployment. Unemployment tends to magnify during the times of recession or depression characterized by a shrink in the economy.
Unemployment remains a tough issue affecting the United States, particularly among the young people. There is a large number of learned people in the United States but they hardly secure a job due to the scarcity of employment opportunities. According to the BLS household survey (2015), “the US unemployment rate rose by 0.2 percentage points in June 2015 to 5.3%. Unemployment has remained relatively high since 2009 and this is causing a huge setback to economic growth in the country. Companies have been adopting technology thus doing away with the relatively costly human labor. The rise of technology like completers has replaced human labor thus laying off the workers (Harvey 15). The issue of unemployment will continue to inflict the United States’ economy due to the uncontrolled adoption of technology. Technology benefits the business owners as they can incur little operational costs by the use of machines compared to the costly human labor. The rise in technology, particularly companies and offices is, therefore, a major issue that is contributing to the rise in unemployment in the United States.
The government also faces the challenge of maintaining stability and securing the citizens from terror attacks. The problem leads to a diverted attention that makes the government spend a lot of money on security that could be used to expand businesses and solve the unemployment issue. The high number of unemployed youths poses a threat to stability and economic progress (Rupasingha & Stephan 155). The issue of unemployment is directly related to the problem of dependency particularly to the unemployed. The unemployed rely on the working class to sustain their needs thus leading to a social burden.
Possible remedies
To solve the issue of unemployment in the United States, the government has to collaborate with private investors in creating employment opportunities. The government ought to take the lead in creating a favorable business environment as a way of attracting investors. The young people should also look also focus on becoming entrepreneurs other than relying on the limited white collar jobs. A diversified economy will accommodate innovative ideas that will create more employment opportunities thus minimizing the impacts of unemployment. The graduates and other professionals should also seek employment in other countries by taking advantage of the today’s globalized world of business (Harvey 14). The move will reduce the current issue of unemployment in the United States. The government should also focus on lowering the tax rates particularly on businesses thus enabling investment and creation of employment opportunities.
In conclusion, unemployment is a global issue that affects the United States just like other developed nations. The adoption of technology in companies and offices has replaced human labor thus leading to unemployment in the country. The rate of investment and expansion of businesses is little compared to the rapidly rising population. Also, the government tends to face other challenges in security and terror threat thereby spending more on security than on business expansion. The government can solve the issue of unemployment by diversifying the economy and encouraging local and foreign investment.
Work Cited
Harvey, Philip. Securing the Right to Employment: Social Welfare Policy and the Unemployed in the United States. Princeton University Press, 2014, p 12-16.
Rupasingha, Anil, and Stephan J. Goetz. "Self‐employment and local economic performance: Evidence from US counties*." Papers in Regional Science 92.1 (2013): 141-161. Read More
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