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The paper "Ethics In Business" describes what corporations are moral agencies. Since the corporation is made up of different persons with divergent opinions, the corporation is a single legal entity that does not recognize individuals as different entities…
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Ethics In Business
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Ethics in Business Chapter 5 Corporations are moral agencies. Inasmuch as a corporation is made up of various individuals with divergent views, a corporation is a single entity in law that does not recognize the individuals as different entities. As a moral agent, corporations should be driven by the decision makers such as managers to make ethical decisions such as corporate social responsibility.
2. I favor the broad view of corporate social responsibility where corporations should not only focus on profit maximization but also contribute to the public good in a manner that is morally and socially responsible. This is so because, the corporations in my case exist within the human environment and thus a human structure and any operations should favor future sustainability. When a corporation acts ethically and morally, it will ensure that no refuse is wasted into rivers or no excessive gas is emitted into the air thus ensuring that greenhouse emissions are kept at bay, and thereby protecting the environment for future survival.
3. For corporations to act more morally, I think it is essential for the top management to inculcate an ethical culture from the beginning. Once an institution acknowledges that it is essential to conduct business morally, and drives their members towards conducting business in the same way, an ethical culture is entrenched into the society. Additionally, corporations can absorb positive criticism and use the noted issues to offer solutions rather than defend themselves. Once ethics has prioritized in the corporation, then such a corporation shall have been a step towards being a more moral organization.
Chapter 6
1. Government safety regulations have both a positive and a negative side. As for the former, the safety regulations offer due protection to the customer. Once manufacturers desire to have their goods consumed by a certain set of consumers, the said goods must pass through a certain verifiable safety standards that are meant to ensure that the end user is at no risk, however, from consummation of such goods. This will be a very essential thing to the customer. On the contrary, the process of passing the goods through all the desired standards may prove expensive to the manufacturers. This is mainly because of the extent of inspection required by the authorities.
2. In terms of safety, I would argue that business is meeting its requirements and expectations of the clients. The strict legal measures enacted to protect the consumer have really assisted in maintaining strict safety procedures, according to me. In terms of quality, pricing and labeling and packaging, there are businesses (most) that do not meet this standards. The main reason for this, perhaps, is the strict competition that is forcing marketers to apply all necessary mechanisms to ensure the goods are purchased.
3. Today, advertising is not positive and socially desirable due to the gross deceptive techniques that are applied in it. Many advertisements have grown to be ambiguous, use extensively concealed facts, are exaggerated and tend to appease people psychologically. The end result is bias that tends to deny the consumer the necessary truth while purchasing a product.
(Shaw & Barry, 2010)
Shaw, W. & Barry, V. (2010). Moral Issues in Business. London: Wadsworth Cengage Learning Read More
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