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Content Review: Legal Requirements - Essay Example

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Title IX, created and co-authored by Senator Birch Bayh and Patsy Mink, is the legal enactment that was aimed at eliminating the gender parities and discrimination within educational set ups. According to the law, no person should be victimized and secluded or denied any right…
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Content Review: Legal Requirements
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Extract of sample "Content Review: Legal Requirements"

Key Elements of IX al Affiliation Key Elements of IX IX, created and co ed by Senator Birch Bayh and Patsy Mink, is the legal enactment that was aimed at eliminating the gender parities and discrimination within educational set ups. According to the law, no person should be victimized and secluded or denied any right of participation or the access to financial aid. The legal authorship has been significant in the restoration of equity and gender and balance in the US, and is characterized by the three essential features (Fesche, 2006).
The first feature defines the essential and effective accommodation of gender interests. That implies that the rights that are propagated by desire should not be subjected to any barrier whatsoever. The U.S. Department of Education (2011), explains the feature as one projected in a three dimensional strategy. In the first instance, it is meant to ensure that percentage of female participants in a sporting activity should be commensurate to the percentage of females admitted in the educational facility. Secondly, it was meant to instigate the expansion of the participation of females in sporting activities (Shapiro & Stefkovich, 2010). In the instance, every educational institution was supposed to exhibit positive signs of an increased enrollment of female participants in every sporting activity. Lastly, it was meant to guarantee the consideration of the interests of the female participants in sporting activities (Mitchell & Ennis, 2007).
The second definitive feature if Title IX was the compulsion of the financial administrators to ensure that there was proportionality in the disbursement of federal financial aid. Essentially, the compulsion was also targeted at practice of wavering tuition fees for athletes, a practice that had been normalized in private schools. Therefore, by ensuring that there was equity in the selection of participants, there was also a subsequent equity in the provision of such privileges.
Lastly, there was the feature that was targeted at the equity and balance in the provision of other opportunities and benefits. Such included playing time and the access to facilities and resources. Others included the competition levels and considerable game scheduling. The feature also noted the parities in the budgeting allocation for the sporting facilities and resources. Therefore, it created a compensatory clause that that bridged the differences by ensuring that the all the factors that may ensure an equitable appeal are implemented (Shapiro & Stefkovich, 2010).
Impact of the Title IX in an Educational Setting
Title IX served as a significant foundation in the establishment of gender equity in the US and even set similar precepts in other nations. The compulsion that characterized the implementation of the legislation bridged the differences that had become characteristic of the sporting activities across the country. As Hanson, Guilfoy and Pillai (2009) noted, sport had entirely become a source of entertainment where the audiences’ interests had been centered around physicality and aggression. This issue factored into the sidelining of the legitimate purpose of the introduction of sports in schools. According to Maloney (1994), sports had been introduced to refresh students and eliminate the monotony of the class environments. The psychologists Mitchell and Ennis (2007) elaborated that sports made students active both physically and mentally. The first significant impact of the Title IX was the improved academic performance of the female students.
Secondly, the increased enrollment of the female participants also increased the elevation of the female talent across the republic. For instance, the US has since become one of the most dominant nations in soccer globally. These are factors that resulted from the increased confidence that the females developed as a result of the elevated status that made them realize that they had similar abilities as they male counterparts (Shapiro & Stefkovich, 2010).
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 U.S. Department of Education. (2011). Retrieved from
Research basic policy information regarding Title IX. Explore information regarding other diversity issues. Read More
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Content Review: Legal Requirements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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