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Passing or Defeating Legislation of your chosen bill - Case Study Example

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The Texas Constitution separate the administration into three distinct equal branches: the executive branch led by the governor as the president; the judicial branch comprising of the Texas Supreme courts and other state courts; and the legislative branch under the tutelage of…
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Passing or Defeating Legislation of your chosen bill
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Download file to see previous pages The initial step in the legislative procedure is the introduction of the bill in the legislative house by a representative or a senator. After the introduction, the bill is read to the whole house to create awareness of the bill, a process known as the first reading. The bill then undergoes the committee stage where the committee meets and considers the bill. The bill then undergoes the Floor Action where the entire House or the Senate receives the bill for the second reading. At this stage, the house gets the opportunity to debate the bill. If the bill has no amendments arising from the Floor Action stage, then it proceeds to the subsequent stage. In case of any problems, the bill goes back to the originating chamber for the amendments. The next stage is the governors stage where the governor receives the bill. The governor may sign the bill, veto it, or permit it to be a law devoid of the signature. Projected adjustments to the Texas Constitution are in the form of joint resolutions rather than of bills and needs a vote of two-thirds of the full house in every house for acceptance.
The Higher Education Bill was under the House Committee on Higher Education (C290). The committee was under the leadership of the Rep. Dan Branch, and the vice-chairman was Rep. Diane Patrick. Other members included Rep. Roberto Alonzo, Rep. Travis Clardy among others making a committee of nine members. The committee members should support the bill because it would bring a great transformation in the learning sector in the state.
Supporters of the legislation: The legislation process is significant in that it helps amend the bill to suit the learning sector in the state. The legislation will help enable needy students in the state to access higher education learning institutions. The legislation will give the budget committee power to augment the finances allotted to the education sector to ensure full funding of the academic activities. On the other end, the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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