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Most of the socialization skills concerning morals and behavior are learned from the environment a child or person interacts with. The environment shapes their behavior and influences…
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The Key Agent of Socialization
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The Agent of Socialization Socialization is the process through which learning is achieved especially to a growing child. Most of the socialization skills concerning morals and behavior are learned from the environment a child or person interacts with. The environment shapes their behavior and influences the way they interact with others.
My experience with interaction and behavior is attributable to the surrounding environment. What influenced the way I think and behave is the civilization that my parents experienced. I had parents who were learned enough, and had adequate experience of the urban life. Therefore, as a young adult, they taught me to be free and to view everyone as equal and friendly. The inter-gender interaction was not frowned upon, and we could play with our neighbors freely. In addition, I learned to respect my elders but not to be mistreated just because I am a kid, therefore, I should do as told. I could question some aspects of life that my parents took upon themselves to explain why some things had to be done without questioning.
The story is different with my grandfather; aged eighty-seven. During his time as a young parent, all parents were more like dictators. They shared the same parenting skills, and could command everything to be done without questioning. The children during their time were not allowed to question their parents; hence, they followed everything to the latter without raising an eyebrow. When it comes to inter-gender interaction, boys were only allowed to play with boys and so were girls. They only interacted with each other after they were deemed to have matured, as young adults. This was quite a contrast to how I was raised during a period considered as the ‘digital era.’ Read More
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The Key Agent of Socialization Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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