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Opinion Esay (Government) - Essay Example

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The American dream is the ability for every US citizen to have equal opportunity in becoming successful in their lives through working hard and initiatives without any barriers. It dates back to the American independence when there was a pledge to treat every citizen equally…
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Opinion Esay (Government)
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Extract of sample "Opinion Esay (Government)"

The American Dream The American dream is the ability for every US citizen to have equal opportunity in becoming successfulin their lives through working hard and initiatives without any barriers. It dates back to the American independence when there was a pledge to treat every citizen equally. The American Constitution plays a significant role in ensuring equality to all citizens through securing rights of the people. The national dream is in line with most personal desires to have a good life and better future, but each dream may vary with interests (Rank, 1). American citizens have wishes of owning large amount material property for their dreams to come true. Most of the Americans wish to live without any debt and have the ability to retire at 65 years, but this can only happen if they accumulate large amounts of wealth.
The American constitution offers equal opportunity to all citizens in achieving the American dream. However, achieving the American dream is becoming more challenging in the society today. The rising difference in the wealth gap between races is an example of how hard it has become to achieve the American dream. The difference is evident even in the racial line with the whites having better living standards and opportunities than the black Americans. The racial wealth gap in America is becoming deeper showing the inequality in the American society (Johnson, 2). Some individuals may feel to be in better position than their parents, but the whole society is experiencing increasing gaps in opportunities available. The gap shows that the future generation may not be able to have equal opportunity in achieving their goals.
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