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1. Interest Groups2. Political Party3. Bureaucratic Agency (Gov. Agency) - Essay Example

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Girls Not Brides is an interest group, composed of worldwide collaborations involving over 400 civil groups operating in more than 70 countries, which was constituted to look into the issue of early marriages globally, especially concerning their impact on the consequent life of…
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1. Interest Groups2. Political Party3. Bureaucratic Agency (Gov. Agency)
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Extract of sample "1. Interest Groups2. Political Party3. Bureaucratic Agency (Gov. Agency)"

Insert Girls Not Brides is an interest group, composed of worldwide collaborations involving over 400 civil groups operatingin more than 70 countries, which was constituted to look into the issue of early marriages globally, especially concerning their impact on the consequent life of girl-child. According to the site, member states are found in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The organization endeavors to combat early (child) marriages in order to give young girls an equal and open opportunity in life to realize their dreams and potential. All the relevant and necessary information concerning this group are available in their main webpage (
As per the detailed website, some of the objectives of this group include mobilizing all the required financial and policy support to fight child marriages, enabling coordination and learning between groups working to halt early child marriages, and, importantly, creating global awareness of the damage that early child marriages portend to the individual, the community and the world at large. The group seeks to amplify the cries of girls often forced with or coerced into early marriage. The administrative and financial management of the group is the function of the Board of Trustees, whose members are equally legally responsible for the decisions and actions of the board. Aside from finance and administration, this board also safeguards the culture of the group and protects its good name. The Advisory Committee advises the Board of Trustees on the policies and strategies of the group. The Executive Director (currently Lakshmi Sundaram0 serves to ensure the group delivers on its strategies and draws ever closer to eliminating child marriage. Members of the group are called to exceptional commitment to good governance, accountability and transparency in the group’s goals of eradicating child marriage, work actively with other members, governments and relevant players on all levels towards realizing said goals, and contributing in any way in the group’s activities (Girls Not Brides, 1).
The Girls Not Brides group received funding from donors such as the Ford Foundation, IKEA, Nike, Open Society, Skoll, the Dvaid & Lucile Packard Foundation, Kendeda, Sabanci, NoVo, Human Dignity Foundation, amongst other well-wishers (Girls Not Brides, 1). This site can be critical to one interested in politics in order that they may develop better comprehension and enlightened engagement in political processes by enabling one to know how such groups legally operate within constitutions and laws, and how one can create and manage a group of such likeness and virtues so that they better serve in their constituencies. I find the site important and educative, especially on matters pertaining to the girl-child, that often become key issues in political campaigns, not only the United States, but in the rest of our world. Basically, also, the site is a convenient one-stop-shop on issues about the group, including management, how to join, and even the strategies of the group towards a realization of their set aims.
Apart from its lofty ideals pertaining to fair human existence, that deeply resonate with my perspective about the girl-child, I would seriously consider joining the group simply because the site simply offers attractive and easy assistance on how to become a member, online or otherwise. Moreover, the site conveniently provides its visitors with essential contact information (in case one is need of extra clarification), testimonies, blogs, newsletters, interactive for a, theories of change, reports, and so on (Girls Not Brides, 1). If indeed the work of a politician is to enhance lives, this site offers crucial data on one of the very important ways such can be achieved.
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Welcome to Girls Not Brides. (n.d.). Retrieved June 7, 2015, from Read More
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1. Interest Groups2. Political Party3. Bureaucratic Agency (Gov Essay - 1.
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