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College gave me an opportunity to understand various systems of governance used by different countries all over the world. Understanding, analyzing and criticizing some systems has…
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Political attitudes
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Impact of College on Politics Impact of College on Politics Political attitudes are influenced by what we see daily by what revolvesaround us and the globe. College gave me an opportunity to understand various systems of governance used by different countries all over the world. Understanding, analyzing and criticizing some systems has given me a clear overview of what is lacking and needs to be done to improve and promote democracy in any government in reign. The college has provided a practical example of how leaders should conduct themselves. This is because elections are conducted annually where they present their manifestos to the students’ electing them. In the real world, this is what happens when local and national leaders are campaigning for various positions in the government. Hence, I can say that being in college has enabled me to understand different forms of governance and the expected role of every citizen in any country.
This has had a lot of effects in my understanding and interpretations especially in matters of democracy. Through various subjects, I have been able to understand how a democratic republic should be like and the whole essence of a federal government. Secondly, it has changed my mentality and view of that politics a dirty game meant for the powerful in the society. Rather, every minded citizen should vie for any political position and serve the people.
College faculty are very effective in indoctrinating students because it is at this level they are exposed to different systems of governance by electing students representatives to represent them in the school administration. Therefore, I believe that it is at this level future leader can define their political ambitions. Read More
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