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Political Parties - Essay Example

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The political parties are the Republicans and the Democratic parties. As a duopoly system, the two political parties share in the power in the country, no matter the ruling party as according to the party the…
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Political Parties
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Download file to see previous pages As a result, most of the citizens of the country prefer to have the branding as independent voters instead of being staunch republicans or devout democrats. The bad reputation of the political parties in the United States has led to the formation of other institutions that have taken over the functions designed for the political parties. The essay will analyze the various ways in which the major political parties in the United States have failed in their duties as political parties and how the other institutions have taken over those responsibilities. The analysis will have the inclination of also evaluating whether the result if the take-over by other institutions have led to a more or less democratic country of the United States.
One of the major functions for the political parties in the United States is the provision of candidates to run for various government offices in the country during the elections. The running candidates come from the main political parties this helps the voters decide on which candidate to choose, and especially depending on the party that they represent. Another major function for the political parties is to inform the public on the major issues in the country. They take a stand on a variety of issues and offer alternative ways of tackling situations. They also have the responsibility of ensuring the ruling political party does not take over the complete control of the country. This is through ensuring that the president exercises his powers responsibly and in the benefit of the nation. The political parties also form the government and especially the legislature where they ensure that they have representatives for the policies and ideologies of the political party.
The rise of the Independent voters in the United States is an indication of the loss of power, influence, and importance of the political parties in the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Political Parties

... is ensured by the system itself, “as the two major parties keep to the middle of the road to appeal to a broad range of middle-class interests,”3 hence the preservation of political and governmental stability. As we may notice, Republicans and Democrats seem to uphold comparable ideals when the interest of the American population as a whole is concerned, only that they do not share the same opinion as to who are most appropriate to be bestowed the right of governance. Upon declaration of the winning candidates in an election, cries of deception are hardly evident unlike in some countries where political parties exist in multitude and demonstrate hostility against one another. There is more assurance to a majority consensus given the fact...
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Political Parties and Elections the United States are very powerful for they determine the fate of all citizens1. Ambition in Political Parties Politicians are very ambitious people. Although some choose to stay in their current offices for several terms, others aspire to go to higher offices. In addition, some politicians want to be politics for short periods. This implies that it depends with the politician to know his or her ambitions. Career ambition decides the behavior to be exhibited by the politician. His/her hopes and expectations for the future are the main driving force that helps the politician in making decisions. Majority of political leaders possess progressive ambitions and as a...
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This notion implies that when it comes to demonstrating support for a candidate, partisan attitudes can be seen as a reflection of the elements which exist and prevail in the political environment. For example, in a majority of scenarios the information that an individual obtains as a consequence of face-to-face communication with members of the family, friend’s group and co-workers can be recognized as a factor which is responsible for shaping voter behavior, especially with regards to presidential politics (67). An important aspect of this discussion encompasses the analysis which aims to classify each of the current dimensions in accordance with their association with the external environment or even various internal factors....
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..., it deliberates the state political party organization in the U.S. Definition of Political Parties Political parties are defined as groups of organized individuals who obtain and perform political power. They refer to political organizations that attempt to influence or administer governance by trying to elect their own candidate for a political position. They often take part in election campaigns and political debates. These groups of people possess ideals or vision manifested in a party program. This program is supported by a platform which contains...
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...History Different political parties with different ideologies and goals have played a central role in the evolvement of democracy in the history of the U.S. and Free Soil Party can be comprehended as a different political party, which may not be included in any typical category. It was a short-lived political party which evolved in the 1840s as a reaction to the mounting split between pro- and anti-slavery movements in the United States and the party was active in the 1848 and 1852 presidential elections in the U.S. The most essential aim of the Free Soil Party was to resist the spreading out of slavery into the western territories of the U.S. It is also important to realize that the party leadership originally consisted of the former...
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...WHY HAVE POLITICAL PARTIES LOST MEMBERS IN RECENT YEARS WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT The role of political parties in representative democracy has a long history that even predates the advent of universal suffrage. (Bogdanor, 2006) The first half of the 20th century witnessed the upsurge in the membership of political parties. In the UK, the Labour Party which was formed in 1900 could boast of a million members by the early part of the 1950s. (Bogdanor, 2006) The Conservative Party in the UK also had 2,800,000 individual members in the early part of 1950. Membership in political parties have however dwindled steadily over the years. By 1975 for example, membership of the Conservative Party had reduced from 2,800,000 to 1,500,000. (Bogdanor...
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... Political Parties Traditional Moral and Political Philosophy Campaign Add: Party Conservative and Traditional Affiliation Party Campaign Slogan: "Tradition is the moral way." Party's Platform: The Conservative and Traditional Affiliation Party believes in upholding traditional beliefs and family values. This party is conservative Christian and believes in most moral and ethical conservative beliefs. They are pro-life, do not uphold the death penalty, and follow beliefs that represent Christian tradition. Therefore, on abortion, they stand for pro-life, and believe that the fetus is an actual human being; thus, in their opinion, abortion is akin to murder. Campaign Ad: This ad is written for a television commercial, and applies...
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...this by coming up with a lose-lose model which creates war between the political parties. Political parties in U.S are divided into two. First are the traditionalists or republicans who are contented with how things are. Secondly are the progressives or the democrats who believe in moving the society forward. Both groups believe in different ideologies. Therefore, the loser meets his or her political greed by holding on to the party ideology, thus forcing other members to vote against a particular motion in parliament. This becomes difficult for the government to meet its objective effectively, living the citizens unattended. As a...
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