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Considering the facts and figures discussed in this paper, the writer is certain that legalizing marijuana is the right course having various benefits and would offer a variety of solutions to the problem of substance abuse in the United States…
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Drugs: Legalization of Marijuana
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Download file to see previous pages Differing perspectives on the legalization of marijuana extends to the political arena with the political parties having differing opinions regarding the subject. Among the Democrats, 59% support legalization and among the Independents, 55% are for legalization. With a significant contrast are the Republicans with only 39% supporting legalization. There also exist ideological divisions between the parties with regards to the subject. Among the conservative Republicans, for instance, 65% oppose legalization with 32% supporting the move. The liberal and moderate Republicans have 49% of its members in support and 50% opposing legalization. 75% of the Democrat liberals support marijuana legalization.
The differing perspectives are not only limited to the political parties but are also largely inherent amongst the races and ethnicities as well as genders. For instance, 58% of the Blacks and 55% of the Whites are for the legalization of marijuana use. This is in comparison with 40% of the Hispanics. In terms of gender, 57% of men favor legalization as compared with the 49% of women who support legalization.
The supporters and opponents of legalization give differing perspectives on the reason for their stance. Largely, the supporters of the need to legalize marijuana use cite its perceived health benefits and its insignificant associated risks compared to other drugs. The opponents to legalization, on the other hand, emphasize the dangerous impacts on the drugs both on individuals and society at large. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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