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Though Mill regards favorably the Radicals’ utilitarian legacy, he changes that legacy in necessary ways. His contribution the tradition of utilitarian involves understanding why he disagrees with the Radicals on issues regarding motivation of human beings and the nature of…
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Politics exam
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SECTION ONE Though Mill regards favorably the Radicals’ utilitarian legacy, he changes that legacy in necessary ways. His contribution the tradition of utilitarian involves understanding why he disagrees with the Radicals on issues regarding motivation of human beings and the nature of happiness.
2. The harm principle states that an individual’s actions should only be limited so as to prevent harm to other people.
3. A libertarian would not support any form of regulation of private businesses by the greater government. This is because the Libertarians are in favor of free markets. They defend the right of individuals to form cooperatives, corporations, and other kinds of entities and they believe this should be based on voluntary association. They oppose every form of subsidies and bailouts of the government to business, labor, and/or any other special interest. Government is not supposed to compete with private business.
4. According to Locke, all men are created the same, and the creator endowed them with given unalienable rights, and these include Life, Liberty and seek to attain Happiness. These are the natural rights that are most obvious. He believes that human beings have natural right to life, safety, happiness, property, and many other things.
5. Nozick thinks that a state will freely emerge from the state of nature because in state of nature, an individual can enforce his/her own rights, defend him/herself, demand and obtain retribution, and punish. He views these rights as boundaries which circumscribe a region of moral space around a person.
6. Marx’s main idea is about socioeconomic development corresponding to changes in the conditions of materials ‘technology and productive capacity’ are the main influence on the way the society and the economy are arranged.
7. He means a set of ideas that are proposed by a society’s dominant class to every member of the society or socialization product.
8. The difference principle is a conception that is strongly egalitarian in the sense that unless there exists a distribution that makes both people involved better off, an equal distribution should be preferred.
9. Plato’s allegory of ‘the cave’ assists us to learn about the effect of education and the lack of education on our nature.
10. According to Hobbes, citizens are not compelled to submit to the government when it becomes too weak to perform effectively to forcibly put an end to factionalism and civil unrest.
1. Hate speech is a speech that is outside the law that attacks an individual or group on the grounds of attributes like gender, religion, ethnic origin, disability, race, or sexual orientation and it should be banned. In law, hate speech entails any speech, conduct or gesture, writing, or display that has been forbidden since it can incite violence or prejudicial acts against or by a protected person or group, or because it intimidates or disparages a protected group or individual. Providers of communication theories give some insight into the harms that are caused by hate speech. According to the communication’s ritual model, racist expressions makes the minorities to be categorized with attributes that are negative being tied to them. It has also been found that racist speech can cause the message’s recipient emotional and direct physical changes. Repeated use of such expressions can cause and facilitate the subordination of the minorities. Segregation brings about a feeling of being inferior to an individual’s status in the community and this could affect the heart and the minds in a way that is unlikely to be ever undone. This should be enough reason for hate speech to be banned. Read More
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