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Policy Making - Essay Example

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This is a direct technic which involves hiring lobbying group to influence a decision. These groups are specialized in lobbying people for a successful outcome. In this case the lobbing…
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Policy Making
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Extract of sample "Policy Making"

Policy Making Affiliation Lecturer Some of the technics to be used to influence a decision includes, lobbing policy makers. This is a direct technic which involves hiring lobbying group to influence a decision. These groups are specialized in lobbying people for a successful outcome. In this case the lobbing group will be used to set up a meeting with the law makers and inform them our interest. The meeting will be private to avoid any speculation by unintended groups. They will inform the policy makers of with political and polices guide lines. Testify before congressional committees and subcommittees and perform rule-making agencies on rules related to their organization and proposed legislation. They will also help in assisting the staffs and the lawmakers in drafting legislation. Lobbying group will interpreted the impact of the proposed rules and legislation. They will organize demonstrations and protest, talking to the media, running advertisement, hosting potential candidates and engaging in litigation. Most of these groups are not shy of offering campaign to the law makers (Rosati & Scott 2014).
Other indirect techniques that can be used are, working through third parties. These will help in influencing legislators and public policy. This can be done by making phone call, writing of emails to the members of an organization to communicate their concerns. By use of these techniques, policies will be influenced by the communicated group by offering support. Lobbing groups is more effective than this technique. In a well-funded interest, groups try to gain public support by mass emailing, media advertisement, and publication. The main reason for using these techniques is because they are effective and will create the intended pressure to the public to influence our policies1.
Given the current political climate, some of the challenges we intend to face are both economic and political. Politically, providing evidence of or intended policy will be a problem. This because our policies are experimental with no grantee of our intended purpose; Without the evidence, we might fall back on ideology and conventional wisdom. Policies are not made in a vacuum but rather typically emerge from a maelstrom of political energy. Some of the factors that will influence how good the evidence is include the methodology. A good methodology will allow proper consideration of the problem. Another factor is research skills; Good skills will enable excellent research of a problem. Another challenge is that, gathering evidence might take a lot of time. This can raise serious questions of the proposed policies. Finally independence might be a political challenge. Mainly, all the proposed policies should be independent and not as a result of influence from a person or an organization. Economically, the proposed policies will affect our economic negatively1. This is because a lot of money will be used to influence the proposed policies and implementation of the proposed policies.
Some of the stages of policy making include, agenda building, It involves identification of the problem. This is done by critical analysis of an existing problem. The law makers then look how a government can came up with a solution. The second step is policy formulation. Lawmakers come with an approach of solving a problem. Discussions are held, and the best techniques are chosen on how to go about saving a certain problem. The third step is implementation, in this step, the actual execution of the policies is done. All the outline techniques are implemented in this step. The final step is evaluation. In these stages, the policies are analyzed to see whether they are working as intended. In most cases it is not possible to terminate implemented policies1.
Stress can impact policies in a number of ways. When one is stressed about something, there is usually a need to find a solution to that problem. As a result, one can decide to come with policies that can be implemented to solve the problem. Stress has a negative impact in our lives, and as result, there is a great need to look for solutions to enable a better life.
Personality can also define policy making. This is because different people have a unique character. These characters respond differently to challenges. Personal experiences can also lead to different reactions a problem. Hence as a result, policy making might be approached from a different angle1.

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Rosati, Jerel. Scott, James. United States Foreign Policy Sixth Edition. Cengage Learning. 2014. Read More
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