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The lobby groups provide a forum for the job creators and the legislators to meet and share ideas. Winning the case followed a series of unethical market based…
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Hot topic
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Hot Topics Topic ALEC Wins a Big Ethics Case According to Roff , ALEC, a pro-free market has won a major ethical case against them in the Minnesota States. The lobby groups provide a forum for the job creators and the legislators to meet and share ideas. Winning the case followed a series of unethical market based policies in the past.
Topic 2
A shocking Lack of Common Sense
Milligan (2015) reports the most shocking unethical practice by a Republican senator. The shocking behavior of the Republican senator calls for review of ethical law. The legislator had just been picking up as the Republican Hero. Mr. Shock faces allegation of office abuse by the in appropriation of the public money.
Topic 3
Porter Gross Resigns from the Ethics Board
Singer (2015) reports that the independent ethics board has lost the only chairperson it ever had before. Mr. Porter Gross stepped down from the board following the unpopularity of his board. The ethics board is acting unethically by allowing its investigation into the public domain without effective completion.
Topic 4
Hagel Partying Advised to Brass
The senior military officials for instance the navy officers has been censured for their roles in in the high trending bribery cases, which put the military at the threat of discrediting. Such a case relates to the current scandal on the navy about sharing of confidential information in exchange of bribe or in prostitution (Brook, 2015).
Topic 5
Lying Military
According to Diamond (2015) reports, current research indicates that the US army officers lie often while on duty. A 33-page interview conducted recently shows that the military department is marred with deception and evasions at all the ranks, from junior to senior. The report comes after the revelation of the scandals surrounding the navy boss Hagel. There is consistence in the deception and evasion among the military in their lines of duty.
Topic 6
Ethics in Teaching and State involvement
According to reports by Schumacher (2015), teaching profession needs explicit moral guidance for effective service delivery and attainment of desired outcomes. Political influence in teaching profession raises moral concerns especially relating to teaching pedagogies. For instance, Schumacher (2015) reports Governor Cuomo funding and common test influence in New York schools. Such infringements into state schools require observation of ethical morals and standards.
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