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Aircraft accident - Term Paper Example

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In the paper “Aircraft accident” the author describes the scene of an aircraft accident. The light conditions were characterized by bright sunshine. The forensic unit led by Abigail Christensen divided into two groups, one went to the North of the crime scene and the other remained at the entrance…
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Aircraft accident
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Download file to see previous pages The victim had serious burns on the face, stomach and hands. The other body parts had minor burns and stretch marks.  His shoes were scattered on the left hand side of his body and this tells that he dropped dead from the aircraft.  There were no signs of the victims trying to escape. The first victim was later identified as Mark Henderson.
Body 2 was found towards to the tail of the aircraft just a few inches from the cockpit. The victim appeared to be a female adult aged 30-40 years. She was wearing a blue checked trouser and a sky blue top with long sleeves. The victim had severe burns on the face, back and hands. The other body parts had numerous bruises. There was a lot of blood oozing from the head and left arm. The victim was later identified as Jean Rhodes.
No further evidence in form of body parts, clothes that was found to indicate the existence of the third person. The Forensic team was satisfied that the victims of the aircraft accident were two, a male and a female aged 30-40 years and having been on private jet, the victims might be probably be a couple on a vacation trip.
According to the NTSB 830 reporting and preservation of aircraft wreckage, the jet crash site is fatal due to the death of the passengers on board. In addition, the death occurred during a flight. The lead investigator of NTSN arrived at the crime scene at 1440; two minutes earlier after our arrival, hence had no information on the initial happenings to the accident. According to the eyewitness- Peter and the police who had arrived. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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