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The central government under the leadership of the president is directly responsible for defense, law and order, banks, land, mines, mineral and water…
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Download file to see previous pages The Resident District Commissioner monitors and inspects Government services and may sensitize the populace on government policies and programs; advise the District Chairperson on matters of national nature that may affect the district; draw the attention of the Auditor General to the need for special investigation audits etc.
The local government system is based on the district as a unit under which there are lower local governments and administrative units. Local government councils in a district are the District or City Council, the Municipal Council, the City Division Council, the Municipal Division Council, the Sub-County Council, the Town Council. The administrative unit councils in a district are the County Council, the Parish or Ward Council and the Village Council.
Indigenous Communities are distinct tribal groups indigenous to a particular area. In Uganda there are Sixty-five indigenous communities in Uganda. These are the Acholi, Aliba, Alur, Aringa, Baamba, Babukusu, Babwisi, Bafumbira, Baganda, Bagisu, Bagungu, Bagwe, Bagwere, Bahehe, Bahororo, Bakenyi, Bakiga, Bakonzo, Banyabindi, Banyabutumbi, Banyankore, Banyara, Banyaruguru, Banyarwanda, Banyole, Banyoro, Baruli, Barundi, Basamia, Basoga, Basongora, Batagwenda, Batoro, Batuku, Batwa, Chope, Dodoth, Ethur, Gimara, Ik (Teuso), Iteso, Jie, Jonam, Jophadhola, Kakwa, Karimojong, Kebu (Okebu), Kuku, Kumam, Langi, Lendu, Lugbara, Madi, Mening, Mvuba, Napore, Ngikutio, Nubi, Nyangia, Pokot, Reli, Sabiny, Shana, So (Tepeth) and Vonoma. (The Constitution of Uganda – Schedule 3)
There are diverse ethnic groups in Uganda who are mainly Bantus and Nilotes. The nilotes include the Lango and the Acholi, Iteso, and Karamojong who occupy the Eastern and the Northern part of the country. Lake Kyoga forms the northern boundary for the Bantu speaking peoples. The main Bantu speaking communities are the Baganda, Ankole, Toro, Banyoro, Basoga and the Gishu among ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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