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Uganda - Essay Example

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The central government under the leadership of the president is directly responsible for defense, law and order, banks, land, mines, mineral and water…
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Extract of sample "Uganda"

Download file to see previous pages The Resident District Commissioner monitors and inspects Government services and may sensitize the populace on government policies and programs; advise the District Chairperson on matters of national nature that may affect the district; draw the attention of the Auditor General to the need for special investigation audits etc.
The local government system is based on the district as a unit under which there are lower local governments and administrative units. Local government councils in a district are the District or City Council, the Municipal Council, the City Division Council, the Municipal Division Council, the Sub-County Council, the Town Council. The administrative unit councils in a district are the County Council, the Parish or Ward Council and the Village Council.
Indigenous Communities are distinct tribal groups indigenous to a particular area. In Uganda there are Sixty-five indigenous communities in Uganda. These are the Acholi, Aliba, Alur, Aringa, Baamba, Babukusu, Babwisi, Bafumbira, Baganda, Bagisu, Bagungu, Bagwe, Bagwere, Bahehe, Bahororo, Bakenyi, Bakiga, Bakonzo, Banyabindi, Banyabutumbi, Banyankore, Banyara, Banyaruguru, Banyarwanda, Banyole, Banyoro, Baruli, Barundi, Basamia, Basoga, Basongora, Batagwenda, Batoro, Batuku, Batwa, Chope, Dodoth, Ethur, Gimara, Ik (Teuso), Iteso, Jie, Jonam, Jophadhola, Kakwa, Karimojong, Kebu (Okebu), Kuku, Kumam, Langi, Lendu, Lugbara, Madi, Mening, Mvuba, Napore, Ngikutio, Nubi, Nyangia, Pokot, Reli, Sabiny, Shana, So (Tepeth) and Vonoma. (The Constitution of Uganda – Schedule 3)
There are diverse ethnic groups in Uganda who are mainly Bantus and Nilotes. The nilotes include the Lango and the Acholi, Iteso, and Karamojong who occupy the Eastern and the Northern part of the country. Lake Kyoga forms the northern boundary for the Bantu speaking peoples. The main Bantu speaking communities are the Baganda, Ankole, Toro, Banyoro, Basoga and the Gishu among ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) of Uganda

... of preventing HIV transmission. However, during the same year, only 13% of adults had tested for HIV with 70% of the estimate 1 million people infected remained untested. In 2006, the WHO reported that over 1 million Ugandans were living with HIV. Prevalence was reported to be higher in urban areas mostly in young women, commercial sex workers, and in military personnel. It is noted that, in 1991, Uganda was the first country to offer voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) through the AIDS information center. In 1997, in its findings, the government estimated that over 600 non state actors were involved in AIDS related matters mostly on direct service provision (Nkumba University 2002). It is also apparent that, by 2000, Uganda was among...
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STI and HIV in Uganda international organizations have paid off well, with Uganda today as the sole country in the world to have reduced significantly HIV sero-prevalence rates, specifically among young adults (Konde-Lule 1995, 31; World Bank [WB] 1999, 92; Boerma et al. 2000, 7; Hogle et al. 2002, 2; Green et al. 2003, 7-8; Bertozzi et al. 2006, 331). What made this possible can be gleaned from the results of Uganda’s surveillance1 and program monitoring,2 which have been proven effectively useful to Uganda’s campaign against HIV/AIDS in two important ways: First, these have provided “reliable data on the magnitude, trends, and distribution of HIV infection and AIDS disease… provid[ing] the basis on which...
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... many tribes with different religious affiliations. According to USA international publication the Ugandan society developed the bribery culture during the dictatorial rule of Iddi Amin Dada whereby bribery decided your success or your failure (2009). For a foreign company that is not aware of this might end up stagnating in every step of the project if they don’t bail their way out, this involves even the awarding of the tenders which are usually based on whom you know in the government. The situation deteriorates if the policies of the company cannot go in line with these expectations of the Ugandan people. Uganda has had many problems with leadership of the country which has been tainted always with the overthrow of legitimate...
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Bushmeat Crisis in a Particular Country: Uganda, Africa

... massacred for food, for their body parts, and for profit (Richardson , 2010). This is disturbing for a number of reasons. Uganda, one of the many African countries affected by the Bushmeat crisis, has the dominant population of both of these species. This issue has environmental, ethical, and serious implications for the future of these species. If the Bushmeat crisis continues in Uganda, it is likely to lead to the extinction of both of these Great Ape species, in Africa and all over the world. History Uganda is one of the many East African countries, nestled between Kenya, The Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Uganda has had a troubled past. It has survived dictatorships, internal political violence, and terrible economic depletions...
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The Political Evolution and Development Policies (successes and failures) of UGANDA

..., it would be better to take it from African farmers rather than taking away their livelihood with more supply of grains. Professor Amartya Sen notes that government tactlessness and famine are directly related to poverty. Constitutional rights and liberty create and guarantee prospects of involvement and are essential not only in preventing unbalanced allocation of shortcoming but also in assuring equal economic privileges. These are essential for broader economic growth of any nation. As vigilant and active group of people form a government, they can be ever active, informant and critique and take required remedial actions when ever required. Public health and housing are the next two issues associated with the government of Uganda...
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The eoidemic of HIV in Uganda

... Africa. Also, poor education conditions and lack of awareness, limited access to health care and treatment are associated factors for the increase in HIV incidence in most African countries including Uganda, that is one of the most infected countries by HIV and the conditions there were as poor as the rest of Africa until now when they started resisting and fighting back the dilemma. Furthermore, this paper will focus on the epidemiological situation of HIV/AIDS within Uganda. Firstly, the population composition the nature and condition of the region will be considered and some HIV history throughout Uganda. Secondly, addressing the conditions among the women and children affected and their issues are discussed in this paper. At the end...
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Health Inequality in the UK and Uganda

...of income to the access to healthcare. The differentiations in both countries come in form of age, ethnicity, religion and the surrounding community (Tumushabe, 2006)). Further, many analysts argue that the low social and economic demographics in Africa, where Uganda falls explains the high level of inequality in that part of the world. In that regard, it is wise to argue that poverty stricken areas that have higher inequalities that boil down to the impact of HIV in Britain and Uganda and further explaining why the scourge is worse in Uganda than in Britain. One thing is evident; a fact that would be corroborated in the paper, that Uganda has a higher level of...
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