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Do you consider Venezuela under Hugo Chavez (1998-2012) a democratic country - Essay Example

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He served as a president from 1999 to 2013, when he died. He was renowned and spearheaded the fifth republic movement since its establishment in 1997 up to 2007. It did combine with a number of other…
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Extract of sample "Do you consider Venezuela under Hugo Chavez (1998-2012) a democratic country"

Download file to see previous pages He directed the movement in an unproductive coup overthrow against the Democratic Action government of Carlos Andrés Pérez, who was the president in 1992. This led to the imprisonment of Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías (Feinberg, 1).
Later on, after he was released, he formed a socialist political party two years later, it was called the Fifth Republic Movement, and he was voted president of Venezuela in 1998. In 2000, he was re-elected and during this second term, he presented the system of communal groups, Bolivarian Missions, and employee-managed companies, along with a land reform program, which was municipalizing main industries. In 2006, he was re-elected again with more than 60% of the votes. After emerging victorious in his fourth tenure as president in October 2012, defeating Henrique Capriles, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías was sworn on 10 January 2013. However, the Venezuela National Assembly decided to postpone the inaugural ceremony to give him time to enable him recuperate from medical treatment in Cuba, which resulted from a cancer return that was initially identified in June 2011. On 5 March 2013, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías passed away in Caracas at 58 years.
During the duration Venezuela was under Hugo Chávez, it was not a democratic country, though Chávez was not a dictator, he crushed the democracy of the Venezuelan nation. In a period when South America was swiftly moving towards the far-left demagoguery from its ancient binaries of far right, Chávez was still holding Venezuela back in the past, both politically and economically. Under the decade of Chávez, while other nations like Peru and Brazil became representations of equality and success, Venezuela appeared to go back to the bad ancient days. It is true that the polls were usually well conducted and fair under his regime. He even freely accepted defeat in one ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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