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Civil Liberties-Criminal Procedures Discussion Board - Coursework Example

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The tendency of the government to reach out for private information regarding women subjects them to psychological torture as such pregnancies may come through such vices as rape and incest. Some women suffer rape cases during conflicts and military duties and digging into such…
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Civil Liberties-Criminal Procedures Discussion Board
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Extract of sample "Civil Liberties-Criminal Procedures Discussion Board"

Right to an abortion should constitute a right to privacy. A woman is a dignified being whose bodily privacy should not be threatened by the laws of the state or a private party action.
She should be entitled to bodily privacy, an element that should allow her to decide what is best for her body.
Her right to bodily integrity and liberty grants her the powers to choose how to lead and live her life.
With bodily integrity and privacy, she is entitled to right to consent what can be done to her body with or without an event of pregnancy.
She has a right to decide in private whether to terminate the pregnancy as she consents to the implications of the fetus upon her body and liberty.
Though the government may have reserved rights to violate citizen’s privacy in some areas, a woman as a dignified human being should have fundamental rights that come before those of the state.
Her decisions about parenthood are culturally deeply personal and well protected by rights to privacy without threats of possible legal persecution.
It is a direct violation of privacy when Heath facilitators share confidential patient information regarding women who feel the need to abort or seek medical attention after abortions.
The tendency of the government to reach out for private information regarding women subjects them to psychological torture as such pregnancies may come through such vices as rape and incest. Some women suffer rape cases during conflicts and military duties and digging into such moments without their consent is a violation of liberty and personal privacy (The-Young-Tucks).
Making exemptions for a mother’s life is not enough, as being a separate legal entity from the fetus should grant her more powers to decide on what should be in her body.
Collection of data violates the 4th Amendments protections against unreasonable searches and seizures
The collection of data program constitutes an unconstitutional search and seizure and violates the right to privacy (Cohn). Privacy is a fundamental human right that serves as a basic component in working of democratic societies.
Taping calls and collecting online data violates human dignity and autonomy. The tendency of the government to engage in arbitrary interference with privacy is a direct attack on human rights.
Collection of data regarding citizens without their consent is a direct insult to their dignity as they are disrespected and treated as people who should not have a right to privacy in the first place.
There are records that clearly show that NSA gave the wrong information regarding their surveillance. They lied even under an oath that they were not accessing any information (Paul). This was just disrespect to human decency while invading their privacy.
The involvement of the president who should safeguard the rights of the citizens offer leaves little to be desired as he reminds everybody of tyranny that all fought. He justifies the violation of privacy in broad daylight.
Scapegoating around terror attacks and other security measures while NSA first lied that there was no surveillance in the first place is a clear indication of a system that doesn’t not feel the need to clear the air for its citizens but rather opt to violate their rights to privacy because there is nothing much they can do. Citizens now have trust issues with the government (Dickson).
Cohn, Marjorie. NSA Metadata Collection: Fourth Amendment Violation. 14th March 2014. 5th April 2015. .
Dickson, Caitlin. NSA Surveillance Program Explained: Here’s Why We’re Freaking Out. 6th July 2013. 5th April 2015. .
Paul, Rand. The NSA is still violating our rights, despite what James Clapper says. 20th Feb 2014. 5th April 2015. .
The-Young-Tucks. Lawmaker/veteran tells story of her own rape and GOP laughs at her. 28th March 2015. 5th April 2015. . Read More
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