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The article basically describes how people have control over pollution and they can end it if they wish to but they have to give up on a lot of comfort they are used to such as each individual driving a car to work which is bound to reduce all that carbon monoxide in the air. It…
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People or Penguins
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People or Penguin Affiliation: The article basically describes how people have control over pollution and they can end it if they wish to but they have to give up on a lot of comfort they are used to such as each individual driving a car to work which is bound to reduce all that carbon monoxide in the air. It is the clean air that enables provision of an environment that is conducive for the animals to survive in such as the penguins among others which are sensitive to pollution. This is not bound to be an easy decision to make and may therefore take a little while before any significant action is seen or even felt (Baxter, 1974).
The surprising thing with all this talk on pollution is that it basically all boils down to control. Human beings have been in control of the environment for so long doing what they want with it and the pollution is a way the environment is retaliating back for it being misused. If people are to stop the pollution, it will definitely translate to a loss of control which not many would like to give up on. Are human beings willing to make any form of sacrifice of their lifestyle and what they have grown up getting used to in order to reduce pollution as well as saving the environment, the animal species as well as human beings from total extinction in the future? This is the million dollar question being indirectly asked in the article and whose answer lies within each individual.
Taking care of the environment and wishing for its sustainability is an individual decision depending on how much a person loves the environment. People might try to be resistant to give up the control and cut back on some of the luxuries of life in order to trade it to living longer and in a clean and safe environment. It will mean a chance to contribute to the protection of the animal species as well as ensure their sustainability in the future. All that human beings need is a little push towards the right direction, a press of a few buttons and they will be on board with the ideas of how to completely end pollution.
Is it truly possible for human beings to completely surrender their comfortable life such as having the convenience of a car among other things in life in order to save the environment? What can push people to the extent of them volunteering to end pollution and save the natural habitat which is the flora and fauna?
Baxter, W. (1974). People Or Penguins: The Case for Optimal Pollution. New York: Columbia University Press. Read More
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People or Penguins Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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