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Military institutes across the globe share two common aspects, first they are to guard the borders, and the second thing common among these institutions is their tendency to use their influence illegally (Andersen, 2014). American Navy is no exception it sucks billions of…
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Conflict of interest
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Conflict of Interest Military institutes across the globe share two common aspects, first they are to guard the borders, and the second thing common among these institutions is their tendency to use their influence illegally (Andersen, 2014). American Navy is no exception it sucks billions of dollars from the taxpayers and offers them secured shores, beaches and sea transport, in the same way it shares the notorious outlook with other military institutes at home as well as across the seas (Dicke, Hendrickson, & Kutz, 2014). The prevalence of conflict of interest in the military institutes of the United States has long history. Most of the cases that are brought to the surface are of corruption, bribery, and money laundering. Despite the fact that these issues are worth concerning, but the conflict of interest that is exhibited by these institutions behind the scene and during interrogation phase is gross and vulgar (Hines & Reserve, 2014). Moreover, these acts not only violate the Charter of Human Rights, but it also disobeys the various international treaties, international law, and etc. Conflict of interest is a phenomenon that deals with the abuse of power, where public rights are compromised in order to obtain private gain. Everywhere all across the government and non-government organization one can find several examples of the officials who abuse their authority and position for obtain personal benefits. Conflict refers to disagreement, this disagreement can be on various levels, for instance it can be on the basis of violation of organization’s policy, it may be a disagreement in principle, or disagreement in practice and etc. Conflict of interest can also be dealt as an act of corruption, because it is the violation of trust, and misuse of a power entrusted to an official on a higher rank who is supposed to use the power for public security instead of personal profit.
The case of Captain James CoBell is yet another example of a military official crossing his limits, and using his influence for satisfying his pleasure. CoBell was assigned the command of the fleet readiness commander Mid-Atlantic in 2011. In a press release by Naval Air System Command, quotes the investigation, by Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers "misused his position in using subordinates for personal favors, used abusive language toward his personnel and failed to properly account for personal leave," (Stewart, 2012). However, in response to the charges laid upon him, CoBell said that his tenure as Executive and commanding officer did not have any element of conflict of interest, as all his conduct was bound within the permissible limits of U.S. Navy’s decorum. Further, he argued over the investigation conducted by the investigation officer, saying that the information gathered was unsubstantial and it was false. He was kept suspended from his Office at the beginning of the investigation, and was then reassigned later, on the 10th of September 2012; however, his reassignment did not last long as he was fired from the U.S. Navy by Rear Adm. C. J. Jaynes, head of Fleet Readiness on the 27th of September 2012 (Taylor, 2012).
CoBell may have been a corrupt player in the commanding ranks of the U.S. Navy; however, the way he was treated does not seem rational. The problem is not what was done to him, but the issue is how it was done to him, just quoting a random statement from a junior subjects against a commanding officer is not the right way to fire an official of high ranks. It not only sets a bad precedent, but also questions the validity of the decisions made by the higher authorities.
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