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6. To what extent were womens lives transformed by obtaining the vote in 1918 and 1928 - Assignment Example

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Very few women had access to employment opportunities as they were not educated. Parents considered it irrelevant to educate girls as they argued that they would get married and leave their homestead. Nevertheless,…
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6. To what extent were womens lives transformed by obtaining the vote in 1918 and 1928
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Download file to see previous pages They had no right for electoral positions in the parliament, and they were also not permitted to vote. It was presumed that women were not required to vote since their husbands took that responsibility on their behalf. Women’s responsibility was taking care of the home and childbearing. During industrial revolution, women became full- time employees which implicate that they had no opportunities to meet in groups to discuss social and political issues. In 1866, organized campaigns for women suffrage started to appear and from 1888, women were allowed to vote in local council elections. John Stuart proposed an amendment that women should be permitted to vote just as men but unfortunately rejected. Voting for women was always considered as an improvement in women’s rights. Many women viewed a vote as an outstanding achievement as that would give them a voice in the laws that were affecting their lives (Lambert, 2015, p.22).
For years, women have struggled to achieve equal representation and rights in official activities. The quest for equality accelerated in the 19th century. This is the period when men became actively involved in wars as there was tension all over the world. While their men were away, women served the nation, and they did men’s work in various ways. In 1918, the passed a law that the women should be given a right to vote. This was as a result of the ability they had shown during the period in which their men were away. More women were willing to volunteer to work in ammunitions manufacturing factories, others were willing to take even significant risks being nurses for the wounded soldiers, and others became secretaries and assistants in offices that were used to control war troops among other important roles.
Almost every individual who supported the motion of women to obtain voting right plainly said that they deserved it due to their courageous conduct during the period of war. Supporters of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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6. To What Extent Were Womens Lives Transformed by Obtaining the Vote Assignment.
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