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International politics- alignments and alliances - Research Paper Example

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It was more pronounced in the 19th and 20th centuries. Both movies Lincoln and 12 years of slavery have put to the realities that faced African Americans in the…
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International politics- alignments and alliances
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Download file to see previous pages The president despite making the emancipation proclamation fears that certain forces who did not want to see the end of slave trade may inculcate it back to the society. In this regard, the president makes an effort to ensure that the amendment is passed within the end of the month so that slaves who had been freed are taken back to captivity.
It is clear that the political class has their own issues and fighting slave trade is not such a bid deal to them; this is more evident from politicians who had just lost their seats. Other political intrigues were evident. Politicians are willing to take advantage of the fight against slavery for their own personal gain. For example President Lincoln seeks the help of Preston Blair who had influence over Republicans. In return, for his support, Blair expected the president to give a political favor. The favor meant more problems because it would upset another faction. The president was however forced to comply with those demands.
12 years a slave shows the predicament of African Americans through the story of Northup and his family. It is clear that slavery was propagated because of the economic gains they made to the masters. Northup ends up in the hand s of Freeman who eventually sells him to Ford who later sold him to Epps. Epps was a sadist who treated slaves with contempt because, like many other masters he believed that they have no dignity and deserve to be treated as such.
Through the life of Northup it is clear that slaves were used for economic purposes. Those who worked as slaves were required to work hard because as such they fetched their masters more money. This explains why Northup was able to work for many masters. There is an instance when Ford engaged Northup and told him that he had, “a debt to pay” and as such would not consider Northup as a free man. To Ford and other like him slaves were purposely for economic gain to the masters.
Slaves such as Northup ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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