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The Killing of Jordanian Pilot Moaz Kasasbeh - Essay Example

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The work analyses distinct op-ed by different contributors. Articles of Interest are “Patience better than revenge” by columnist Paul Woodward (Woodward 1). The other article is…
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The Killing of Jordanian Pilot Moaz Kasasbeh
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Extract of sample "The Killing of Jordanian Pilot Moaz Kasasbeh"

The Killing of Jordanian Pilot Moaz Kasasbeh The murder of Moaz Kabasbeh by the Islamic (ISIS) sparked public outcry and debates. The work analyses distinct op-ed by different contributors. Articles of Interest are “Patience better than revenge” by columnist Paul Woodward (Woodward 1). The other article is “Will Islamic State pay for killing a Jordanian pilot” by Aaron David Miller in the Los Angeles Times (Miller 1).
The writers express concern for the demise of the captain and the challenge of ISIS to the security of citizens across the globe. However, they provide dissimilar opinions in regards to the responses to the uncivilized acts. In his article in the Los Angeles Times, Miller provides an objective headline that stamps his views over the issue. “Will Islamic State pay for killing a Jordanian pilot?” is an objective headline that illustrates the writers opinion for revenge or stern action in response to the inhumane act (Miller). On the other hand, Woodward depicts an outright thought and approach to solving the challenge. The headline “Patience is better than revenge” describes the writer’s view that there exists a peaceful approach to dealing with the situation (Woodward 1).
Writers’ data
Woodward draws his sentiments from the report by Mitchell Prothero about the killing. He then explains the chronological events as they happened after the assassination. In addition, he gives his perspectives about Jordan’s rejoinder of prisoner’s execution and concludes that it is not an appropriate move. To justify his facts that revenge is not right, Woodward compares the prevailing situation to the Quran teachings of peace and love. Conversely, Miller relates the potential outcomes of the ISIS acts to past events. Notably, he points out the Arab Spring and events triggered World War I. Both insights show that the writers are well equipped with historical facts and data about conflicts. Nonetheless, they provide alternative approaches to handling the situation.
Messages to the readers
Woodward message to the readers comprises of importance of peace and collaboration to solving world problems. He also stamps his peaceful approach to solving conflicts by teaching his readers the spiritual aspect of conflict resolution. On the other hand, Miller to an extent wants the readers to pressurize the state to seek revenge. He gives an analysis of the on-going operations and points out areas of faults. In doing this, he is informing the readers about the seriousness or lack of focus on the side of the federal government and other concerned states. For example, he explains that ISIS is a common problem yet he also expresses his doubts if the Islamic States will pursue the agenda of eliminating the sect (Miller 1).
Calls for political action related to the issues
Miller advocates for retaliatory attacks in Syria and Iraq. He also speaks well of the executions. To cap his ideas he states “Jordanians are effective warriors, but how might they hurt Islamic State and how badly” (Miller 1). The statement explains his utmost desires for war against ISIS. Woodward on the other hand advocates for dialogue and negotiations to the problem. His quote from the Quran advises humans to treat their enemies well shows his belief in second chance and forgiveness.
Likelihood of actions
Millers thinking about retaliatory attack seem like the plan at hand. Economic sanctions against the region, as suggested by Miller, are also a possible action that that America and other western countries might implement. Woodward’s ideas of peaceful negotiations appear impossible. For instance, the ISIS killed the pilot even before negotiations. The move triggered the Jordanian state to kill the captive whom ISIS wanted back (Miller 1).
In conclusion, the articles provide contrasting ideas about the prevailing situation. The writings, however, show the different characters of Woodward and Miller depicting the actual state of problems that ISIS present.
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