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Critical review and analysis of the Freshman Orientation - Book Report/Review Example

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It is seen that in the American political system there is little knowledge about what goes around in the house itself, principally because nobody ever spoke about it in the first place. It is only the job of the people to get either the Republicans or the Democrats in power and…
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Critical review and analysis of the Freshman Orientation book
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Extract of sample "Critical review and analysis of the Freshman Orientation"

Download file to see previous pages The general public is only concerned with how it is ruled and what progress did the Democrats or the Republicans make during that time. The Freshmen orientation: House Style and Home Style is a book by Edward Sidlow in which he writes about the transition phase of a general candidate to a fresh congressman in the house, and how the transition phase is rapid with which the person has to adjust to without saying a word.
The writer has discussed the transitional period of the candidates. He writes that conforming to the new role imposed on the person, he has to behave and alter his mind accordingly to the new situation that he is exposed to without further questioning. Sidlow is seen to write about political science and what goes on in the house at political levels. "Freshman Orientation: House style and Home style" is about a newly elected congressman and his insight about how fast life changes for him. It is a topic that not many professors or scholars who teach and study political science actually end up discussing with the audience. It is usually a topic that does not get any mainstream media attention and anyone who wants to be a part of the American congress is not taught about. People usually end up learning from their own experience and what they have gathered throughout. An exploration into a world that is highly new to many people is what the book offers and coming from Sidlow, the authentication does not need much praise. It is an insight from the account of someone who is totally new to the surrounding and has to adjust to whatever the Congress life throws at him.
The book is written in plain text which is easy for anyone to understand more like Sidlow wants the reader to have a look at the business that goes on in the Congress through the eyes of Mr. Schwarz. It seems that the book is more of a deep insight that someone gives the reader of their own life rather than a general analysis. Congressman Schwarz ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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