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National Incident Management Systems - Essay Example

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The National Incident Management System happens to be an active approach that guides agencies and departments in all government, nongovernment organizations as well as private sector levels to work as a team in managing incidents that involve hazards and threats regardless of…
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National Incident Management Systems
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Extract of sample "National Incident Management Systems"

National Incident Management Systems Affiliation Set Answers The National Incident Management System happens to be an active approach that guides agencies and departments in all government, nongovernment organizations as well as private sector levels to work as a team in managing incidents that involve hazards and threats regardless of their cause, complexity, size or even location. The aim of this is the reduction of life and property loss as well as reduction of environmental damage (FEMA, 2015). The Incident Command System happens to be a NIMS’ subcomponent. It is a systematic tool that is used to command, control as well as coordinate emergency responses in accordance with US Federal Highway Administration. It is set procedures, policies, personnel, equipment and facilities that are have been integrated to become a common structure of an organization that has been designed for the improvement of emergency response operations of any type or complexity (U.S. Department of Labor , 2015).
2. The Incident Commander also referred to as the Unified commander is the person responsible for every aspect concerning a response, which include management of incident operations and development of the objectives of the incident. Even though he/she has responsibilities, there is lack of a code of ethics. It would be better if he/ she had one since it would regulate his/her behavior as well as establish limits on the same (U.S. Department of Labor , 2015).
3. A concrete enforceable code of ethics would help professionals like IC perform their jobs better since its designation is to perform with honesty and integrity. Ii would also establish how the professionals would approach problems.
4. A code of ethics would create fear and uncertainty for those whom break it since it establishes rules and behaviors at work place and breaking them may lead to job termination.
Set 2 Answers
1. The DHS with congresses’ support has in a significant manner adapted as well as improved its ability to identify threats by means of a layered risk based system, in response to 9/11 as well as developing threats. Currently, about fifty one thousand transport security officers, behavior detection officers as well as transport inspection officers do serve at frontlines in over four hundred and fifty United States airports. Before 9/11, there only existed limited requirements of federal security for baggage and cargo screening. The transport security administration secure flight program the DHS does conduct a passenger watch-list matching of one hundred percent for covered United States plane operator as well as foreign air carrier planes that fly within, out of and into the US (Department of Homeland Security, 2013).
2. An example of a recent aviation incident is the Trans Asia Airways Flight-235. It crashed in to Keelung River in February 4th 2015 not long after taking off from the Taipei Songshan Airport. With 5 crewmen and 53 passengers, only 15 survived. There were no flight delays or airport closure as a result of the incident.
3. It may be almost impossible for one to board a plane with a gun or bomb. However, there lacks the funds as well as the will to in a similar way protect ticket counters, parking lots, curbsides, lobbies as well as baggage claims within the airport. These areas remain security weak points in airports (Rick, 2013).
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