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Public Health on Surveillance Ethics based on a case study - Research Paper Example

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Indeed, viral mutations have seen various joint efforts to combat the many arising viral diseases fail to realize their objectives. In some…
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Public Health Paper on Surveillance Ethics based on a case study
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Download file to see previous pages Notably, SARS is a highly contagious and airborne infection caused by mutant viral strains. The disease is characterized with acute fever, headaches, muscle pains and breathing problems, just to mention a few. Its pandemics have been observed in various parts of the world, including; China, the UK and Canada and in some sections of the United States. So far, the most effective control measure put forward to combat the menace is controlled movement and quarantine, while antibiotics and antiviral drugs are also used in it management. In this case, the ethical concerns surrounding SARS are critically reviewed.
Several ethical considerations should be taken into account in proposing public health strategic plans. Firstly, the program to be implemented must be in a position to promote benefits of the individual and community involved. Since programs are hardly seamless, chances of encountering impediments in the public health program are very high. As a result, the proposed program must be able to aid in alleviation, prevention and total elimination of harm (Petrini, 2013). In cases where the challenges cannot be fully eliminated, the program to be implemented should be in a position to balance the harm and the benefits that are likely to result from its implementation. This implies that in order for the strategy to be enforced to be fully acceptable, it must exhibit an ability to fairly distribute the benefits and burdens to be incurred in it. Also, the plan should be able to promote public participation thus giving a chance to the affected populations to be heard, and an opportunity to air their concerns. Through such allowance of the public participation, there should be due respect for autonomy and liberty of the masses. Further, respect to privacy and confidentiality is vital if specific programs are to be acceptable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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