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Based on Penzera’s arguments, there comes a time when lying is the most morally justifiable thing to do. Ironically, at such a time honesty ceases to be the moral act. In this case,…
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(College) Is Lying Ever Morally Justifiable? Penzera affirms that “There is a time when the true morality says thou shalt lie”. Based on Penzera’s arguments, there comes a time when lying is the most morally justifiable thing to do. Ironically, at such a time honesty ceases to be the moral act. In this case, the dishonesty of lies become morally justified when it happens to be an act of self-defence. Now this proves to us that at some point in life lying is morally justifiable. However, every action taken is always consequential meaning there is always a price to be paid for lying. You might not necessarily be caught by anyone but surely there is a price too heavy to be paid (Penzera, 2012, pp. 149). Therefore, the acknowledgement of moral consequences leave men with self-defence as the only reason to lie.
Sullivan (1989) presents the theory of Kant, who is a philosopher, on lies. In Sullivan’s report, Kant distinguishes between untruth and a lie. “Every lie is an untruth, but not every untruth is a lie.” (Sullivan, 1989, pp. 173). One great difficulty with Kant’s moral philosophy is that it implies that our moral obligations leave us powerless right in the face of evil. According to Kant’s theory, we are to live up to the high ideal of conduct regardless of what others are doing. ‘Rigorism’ is a well-known example of Kant’s stand and is also termed as Kant’s concerns on our duty to tell the truth (Sullivan, 1989, pp. 174).
Personally, I agree with Penzera (2012) that lying is morally justifiable when it involves self-defence. I also side with Sullivan (1989) on the idea that we should never do something because someone is perpetuating it. Furthermore, white lies just as half-truth are equally lies. This discussion has been able to convince me that we must not always stick to honesty especially when conditions become intolerable.
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Sullivan. Immanuel Kant’s Moral Theory. Cambridge University Press: Oxford, 1989, pp. 173-174. Print. Read More
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