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The Middle East has been for decades associated with an authoritarian style of governance to the extent that it has become difficult to initiate reforms. The rule of law is disregarded with human rights violation being a popular phenomenon in that region. Every single aspect of…
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Democratization efforts in the Gulf
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DEMOCRATIZATION IN THE MIDDLE EAST The Middle East has been for decades associated with an itarian style of governance to theextent that it has become difficult to initiate reforms. The rule of law is disregarded with human rights violation being a popular phenomenon in that region. Every single aspect of the society is enshrined in Islam to the extent that anything contrary to the religious doctrines is met with the full force sometimes ending up in the persecution1. Reforms in the Middle East are eminent due to a number of facts. The Arab spring that has in the recent past swept over the region is a demonstration that the people are more enlightened. However, more still needs to be done to ensure that the democratization process is effective. There is a need to establish reforms in the judiciary and allowing the civil society to perform their oversight duties.
The limits of educational policy as an engine of social change and economic uplifting can be discussed from a number of perspectives. The Middle East education is inherently based on the religious teachings of Islam2. Anything contrary to this form of education is disregarded. The Middle East does not have educational policies that bring about social change in the region. Education is centred on religion, and this, hinders other tenets of education to be wished away as they are regarded as tools that undermine the Islamic faith3. It is important to note that certain elements of the education system in the Middle East are relevant to the needs of the people only to some extent.
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