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Driving to Colma - Assignment Example

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This paper stresses that the father of the narrator was having cancer and at one point he was taken to the hospital by the narrator. He had a tumor that needed to be removed. The illness always frightened the narrator since she and her sister Nancy loved their father. …
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Driving to Colma
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Extract of sample "Driving to Colma"

1. The father of the narrator was having cancer and at one point he was taken to the hospital by the narrator. He had a tumor that needed to be removed. The illness always frightened the narrator since she and her sister Nancy loved their father. Each and every time the narrator took the father to the hospital, she and the other family members were terrified and worried with the health of the father. Apart from Cancer the narrator’s father also had a problem of malnutrition that was being treated by the narrator by pudding rice. There are a number of cultural practices in the story including men sitting on footstools that are traditionally called o-mimai. On the same point, when the father was seek it is recommended for him to call his friends to see how is feeling concerning the sickness. This is depicted when he calls Jim a friend. On top of that the invited Japanese come with food.
2. The narrator and the father have a strong relationship when it comes to driving. The father is always dictating the narrator on how to drive and show her directions like a little child. It pisses of the narrator making her to hate the instructions she receives from the father. On top of that the father is very concerning with the welfare of the daughter and he always likes to be driven by the narrator. The two are close friend and a father and daughter respectively. They narrator has the bond of love to her father just like the father to daughter relationship. The narrator loves the car of her father and she always loves driving her to important places like hospital. With the partying gift, the father loves his daughter till he buys her (the narrator) a present.
3. The narrator always loves a quiet life and she does not need anyone to dictate her. She always never liked her father to dictate her and show her directions that are unnecessary. She also loves her father by the fact that she massages her using fists. Each and every time the father gets sick, she always gets worried. All this is proved from the drive where the narrator loves to hold the keys and take her father to a drive. On the other side, the father cares the life of his daughter. She takes her daughter oversees to study and always wants her to be close to him. By allowing her to be driving him, it is a sign of a father daughter love.
4. In my own opinion, it is health for parents to love their daughters and always protect them whenever they can. Parents should be protective to their parents but at the same time not to be over protective. Children should be given the chance to express themselves and be able to govern their own lives. The similarities are that the parents should be protective. Take care of their sons and daughters. On the differences, they would allow the children to make their own decisions.
5. The partying gift is health since once in a lifetime teenagers need to enjoy life and throw a party. This is also welcoming when beauty is associated with the party paving way for refreshment to young people. It is absolutely right for the party to would have held because; this was an appreciation from the narrator’s father. Another point is that the relationship between the father and the narrator was to be maintained. Lastly, it was a means of inviting friends to the house and develops important channels of friendship life.
Work cited
Sasaki, Ruth A. The Loom and Other Stories. St. Paul, Minn: Graywolf Press, 1991. Print. Read More
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