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Globalizations has spawned a new frontier in the fight for human rights protections - Essay Example

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It is clear that globalization takes on advantages of capitalism at its finest. It also forms a backbone to what we today call globalization. As a result, it maintains the historic unequal rules of…
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Globalizations has spawned a new frontier in the fight for human rights protections
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Extract of sample "Globalizations has spawned a new frontier in the fight for human rights protections"

Globalization has undoubtedly spawned a new frontier of equal rights for human. It is clear that globalization takes on advantages of capitalism at its finest. It also forms a backbone to what we today call globalization. As a result, it maintains the historic unequal rules of trade. The significance of the long 19th century was the fact that it was a turning point in which industrialization began. Globalization and industrialization became the focal aspect as countries began to run in the manufacturing realm. With the advent of globalization, the power phenomena to compete in resources along with imperialization was the focal point. The United States is a super power because of the fact that it imperialized and was able to control its colonies compared to its European predecessors. It is clear that globalization allowed a system of seamless integration in which trade was cultivated within countries. Although trade is beneficial, it diminishes human rights. This is vital to understand as new Empires emerged and literally obtained new identities because of this emphasis of globalization. Stearn also reemphasizes the fact that United States was in the prime position to take advantage of globalization and has made itself a dominating superpower in the 20th century because of its focus to imperialize and control its territories.
Globalization is detrimental to human rights because of low wages and low capitals. In third world countries where manufacturing is conducted, children and women almost have no rights. Imagine working as a child in a non-stop unhygienic conditions to earn around $3 for a day. With the labor force ready to combat poverty in third world countries, the economical behavior of the nation has undoubtedly suffered because of the factors mentioned above. chaos as millions of poor workers were frustrated with working conditions as corruption loomed in city government. Packed in small quarters, these workers are living in a prison in essence with little chance of surviving. Individuals struggle to support households and have no funds to invest in their business. Women and children get exploited the most as they have no rights in developing countries. Moreover, the rich get richer in a pendant system where there is no paradigm of middle class. This causes issues because customers do not have purchasing power or rights in any manner.
It is clear that there has to be a plant to rectify this issue. Women and children needs rights to set hours of constant workload. The International Human Right Services is one of the major organizations that is taking a huge initiative to ensure that women have some basic rights. The IMF and World Bank have also responded with a valiant effort to assemble a gigantic package of $17 billion Thailand, $43 billion to Indonesia along with $57 billion to Korea. Yet despite these bold attempts, the capital market of Asia was in such dismay that the assistance was a mere “band aid to an open-wound”. Yet, one cannot undermine the rapid action taken by the World Bank and the IMF to solve such a mammoth issue.
It is clear that globalization has induced a new frontier where human rights are being violated. This is specially the case in third world countries in which patriarchal societies tend to exist in every corner. Holistically, there has to be a better push to ensure. Hence, there is no room for growth as banks do not make any capital of the interest even with other financial organization trying to help. Moreover, there is no investment from other outside sources due to the fact that other lucrative opportunities. The whole system is such a chaotic cycle that it hinders any growth in the economy.
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