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Social Justice - Research Paper Example

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Considering the definition of the modern day version of the social justice, it would be highly advisable to turn to the most influential international organization at the present moment – the United Nations. Thus, this body defines social justice as “the fair and…
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Social Justice
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Extract of sample "Social Justice"

Social Justice Considering the definition of the modern day version of the social justice, it would be highly advisable toturn to the most influential international organization at the present moment – the United Nations. Thus, this body defines social justice as “the fair and compassionate distribution of the fruits of economic growth” (“Social Justice in an Open World”, 2006). However, the purpose of this concept may be defined not only through economic lenses (“to distribute economic growth”), but also to respect the human rights as well as potential (Palmer, 2012).
From a broad point of view, the concept of social justice advocates the equality among the individuals who comprise the society. The above mentioned equality might be perceived from different points of view. For example, socially, it means that all the citizens will be able to enjoy the same kind of treatment. In terms of economic status, they all will have access to financial resources that are irreplaceable for the well being. The most important point here is that the people who have excessive financial funds will be urged to distribute the extra among the needy. Speaking of the political aspect, one might point out that the interests of all the classes will be equally represented in the political process.
It would not be an exaggeration to point out that a considerable number of different institutions promotes the notion of social justice, but the United Nations Organization is the one which adopted the most modern version of it. It envisions its application through the specific laws that will be adopted in all the countries all over the world.
It would be quite interesting to analyze the benefits as well negative aspects of implementation of the above mentioned notion in various areas. Thus, from the social point of view social justice will ease the tension between the strata. However, it will also contribute to the dissatisfaction of the upper classes that would feel that their portion in the contribution to the overall welfare is exaggerated. As for the economic aspect of the notion with regard to current issues, one might point out that it is likely to fight one of the biggest global problems, namely poverty which is the basis for other issues, such as hunger. However, keeping in mind the weak economic of different states which rely heavily on the loans from different political institutions, one would have to point out that the achievement of it is not possible in the foreseeable future. Finally, there is also the political aspect that should be taken into consideration as well as the issues that are associated with it. Thus, social justice is likely to put end to different conflicts between the states and make the world a more peaceful place to live in. However, the modern times feature a paradigm in the international relations and might make the implementation of it extremely difficult. All in all, I am strongly convinced that the notion of social justice was designed to treat everyone equally and not single out a particular social class.
Palmer, M. (2012). The Wiley-Blackwell companion to religion and social justice. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell.
Social Justice in an Open World. (2006, January 1). Retrieved November 28, 2014, from Read More
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