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The use of private cars in Germany and America has inherent similarities. The two states have developed infrastructure networks for motorization. On the other hand, the use of mass transit varies considerably. …
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Germans Transport policies influence its success
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Insert Germans Transport policies influence its success The use of private cars in Germany and Americahas inherent similarities. The two states have developed infrastructure networks for motorization. On the other hand, the use of mass transit varies considerably. Transportation in the United States in comparison to its use in Germany is low. Statistics shows that, Germans use transit is small metro towns as well as big cities. About gender, age, employment, population, car ownership, metro size and density controls, the figure remain high for the German nation (Jaffe 1).
The success witnessed in the mass transit in German links to a variety of reasons. According to Jaffe (2012), German policy for the transport sector carried out an evaluation and implemented expansion and improvement of services. In the plan, the transport prices were attractively set hence encouraging its use. Moreover, the policy on the transport sector appertaining schedules, routes and fare adherence received required execution (Jaffe 1). The policies elaborated by Jaffe led to the massive disparities and were hence valid. The reasons illustrated influence the transport sector and set the disparity in development of the sector in both the countries.
In conclusion, I agree with Jaffe on the fact that German policies restrict car ownership, parking and driving more than the US does. In addition, Germans pay heavy gas tax hence discouraging private car ownership (Jaffe 1). A factor that has encouraged the development of the transit sector is the law that encourages mixed and dense use of land. Without the review of the American public transport systems, there will be dismal advancement. The research presented has backing from evidence hence well executed.
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Jaffe, Eric. 5 Reasons Germans Ride 5 Times More Mass Transit Than Americans. 5 OCT 2012. 20 NOV 2014 . Read More
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