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Consequences of Partisan Polarization - Research Paper Example

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This research paper stresses that the founders of the nation came up with a system of institutional politics to prevent the mischief of faction. Almost every great achievement of the national government of USA emerged during broad bipartisan consensus. …
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Consequences of Partisan Polarization
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Extract of sample "Consequences of Partisan Polarization"

Download file to see previous pages From this study it is clear that partisan polarization inhibits the building of legislative coalitions, resulting to legislative gridlock. Partisan polarization is ideologically biased, and this negatively affects social and economic policies. Partisan polarization negatively affects the efficient operations of government offices making the government incur many costs. Partisan polarization has changed the equilibrium of powers among national institutions at the expense of the Congress. Judges and executives are now acting unilaterally without the consent from the legislatures. Partisan polarization has led to an increasing conflict between the Red states and the Blues states. Hence, partisan polarization has almost paralyzed every aspect of the country including political and social aspects, which are the core of government operations and functioning.

This report highlights that polarization may bring about greater variation in policy. Sometimes, it can produce new policy initiatives, and then roll these new policies back. However, there exists a dispersion in the policy-making system in America, which makes it theoretically reasonable to believe that the central effect of polarization result in less public policy. Systems of bicameralism and power separation need an extraordinary level of consensus to vote for a new legislation. Therefore, the systems quite often require that the enacting coalitions be bipartisan. Experts have used two theories to explain patterns in significant legislation in the post-war period.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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