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Death Investigations - Assignment Example

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This paper declares that death is a painful process that disconnects the soul from the body and thus the being of a person is no more. When a person dies psychologically, his/her conscience is no longer at work despite the physical presence of his/her body…
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Death Investigations
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Extract of sample "Death Investigations"

Download file to see previous pages Mechanisms of death, on the other hand, are the preceding situations after the cause of death, for instance, is a person was shot on the head and the gunshot caused brain hemorrhage which leads the deceased to succumb to the injuries then blood hemorrhage is a mechanism of death. Mechanisms of death are not first degree factors that lead to death there must have been an initial incident which is a cause of death that will lead to mechanisms of death which will eventually transpire to the death of a person.
Natural death is simply death, which is occasioned by natural causes such as terminal illness, ageing or situations like heart failure. This category of death is where the body of a human being ceases to function in its own without any external factor contributing to the same. It is commonly associated with the lifespan of an ideal human being when the body organs have performed their duties to their best capacity, and they would not function anymore.
Homicide is where a person decided to take the life of another person purposely because of inherent reasons. This can be staged in a number of ways but the main point with homicide it is clearly planned and executed by those involved to kill innocent people in cold blood either by attacking him/her or using any physical or scientific means to execute the murder. Homicide may result from a person being poisoned by others or killed by police who were trailing maybe suspected gangsters, etc..
Suicide is a self-inflicted death that is purposely done by a person who wants to inflict self-harm or ultimately kill him/her through hanging, gunshot or even drug overdose.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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