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National Identity In a Globalized World: Language, Culture, Customs, Citizenship - Essay Example

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A nation composes of many different people, who share common values. This paper discusses whether culture, customs and values can be maintained without affecting the national identity of a nation. Political education is important to improve and strengthen national and ethnic identity…
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National Identity In a Globalized World: Language, Culture, Customs, Citizenship
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that in the western countries, multiculturalism has become a way to express nationhood. Immigrants going to a new country carry their ethnic and national identities from their mother countries and they often face different cultural and national identities. In any particular country, there is a majority cultural identity, and the minorities also have their own different identity. Immigrants often adapt to a new cultural identity depending on the background of their home country. An example is that if a Turkish immigrant leaves for Germany or Great Britain, he or she will have challenges depending on where he comes from, that is, Anatolia or Istanbul and on how different the identity culture is in the new country. Immigrants often face a combination of cultures that strengthen national identity, which has an original ethnic identity.
This paper makes a conclusion that a nation is a number of people who share a common identity and tribe to a great proportion. National identity provides a sense of belonging and recognition for people. Globalization is connected to identity. This has especially been the case in recent years, where it has become an emerging national and cultural identity. People’s lives, culture, economy and the world have been formed by the issues of globalization and identity. Globalization has nurtured cultural diversity through the means of technology that has spread across the world. This and much more have been discussed in this paper. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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