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Good governance translates to effective and proper management of affairs of an institution of a firm. The concept of governance involves enforcement of laws and…
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Global governance
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Global Governance The concept of governance means how various s manage their affairs to achieve desired results. Good governance translates to effective and proper management of affairs of an institution of a firm. The concept of governance involves enforcement of laws and regulations as well as societal ethical standards and values. Global governance is a phrase that has gained popularity in the sphere of world politics. It refers to how global issues are managed.1 Global governance occurs at every platform in the global arena.2 Global governance includes players such as states, and regional and multinational organizations, which interact for a common good of the wider society: the world. As such, global governance is understood to be a process that yields guidelines and treaties through consensus. These agreements and regulations in turn influence the operation of each country in the global perspective.
No single definition of global governance has escaped criticism. In the same dimension, there has never been a common understanding of the meaning of the term global governance, with different scholars trying to find their won suitable definitions, which have only proved controversial.3 Global governance is an unstructured term with numerous interpretations. However, all users of the term global governance conform to the idea of absence of global anarchy.4
The concept of sovereignty is that every nation can make decisions and act autonomously without interference of other nations. On the other hand, global governance demands that each country should make decisions and act in such a manner that does not violate global regulations and agreements. Therefore, global governance, in as much as it appears to challenge national sovereignty, does more on the reinforcement and balancing relationship between national governments than it challenges the concept of sovereignty.
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